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3 Crucial Email Marketing Tips For Beginners in 2020

email marketing tips 2020

Email marketing is one of the crucial elements for any company that is serious about using the potential of the world-wide-web. In contrast to more traditional methods of marketing, using e-mail creates an instant method of providing content to both prospective customers and customers alike. Furthermore, the response of those individuals can be followed-up, providing them with your business information that will help refine further marketing efforts in the future.


There are 3 crucial things essential when developing an email based marketing strategy on the web:


1) The First Piece Is An Efficient Subscription Or "Opt-In" System. 

This system performs two critical functions. The first function is creating a process through which prospects and customers can subscribe to receive regular content sent by your business through e-mail. The second process is what is usually referred to as a "double opt-in" feature. This means that a subscriber is required to confirm their subscription request through a separate email prior to being added to the e-mail marketing list. This second role is designed to comply with anti-spam laws and decrease the quantity of unsolicited e-mail claims.


2) The Next Primary Element Is The Utilization Of An Email Autoresponder System.

This system automates the process of the 'follow-up' with individuals that have already subscribed and confirmed their subscription. A sequence of follow-up letters are created as well as the time frame that they are to be delivered. Most autoresponders will allow several subscriber campaigns to be created, this functionality offers the business owner the opportunity to run multiple online email marketing campaigns at once. This is tremendously helpful for those who are seeking to promote multiple lines of products or run regular short term campaigns.


3) The Final Essential Element Is A Contact Management System.

This system automates the task of maintaining the subscriber opt-in list. A good example of this would be the automated removal of a recipient who clicks on the unsubscribe link in the marketing email. The system would instantly modify the subscriber's status to unsubscribe and no additional email would be received by the former subscriber.


These kind of key functionalities are commonly packaged with each other and offered on a monthly enrollment basis by email service providers. In addition to these basic functionalities, many providers will offer subscriber analytics and tracking, so that the business owner can focus upcoming campaigns on those who are most receptive to the content being presented. Other beneficial tools include customizable lead capture forms, social networking integration and hosted lead capture websites. Any competent business person knows that the key to long-lasting success comes from developing a profitable marketing list. The systems and technology available today make the process of online email marketing both cost effective and manageable for companies of all sizes.

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