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9 Fresh Methods For Driving INSANE Amounts Of Traffic To Your Website In 2024 And Beyond!

Traffic junkies – that’s what we’ve become, and it’s all thanks to the internet! Seriously, we all crave getting more and more traffic on our websites, right? It starts slow – you create a podcast, build a website, get started with setting up a YouTube channel, and then what? People start dropping by slowly; making you thank God that someone at least noticed my efforts. This is where that nasty craving kicks in, and with the passage of time, it literally becomes monstrous! You’re having dinner with your family, and the only thing on your mind is how you can get more traffic!

Now, instead of driving yourself, and those around you, crazy with your rantings for more traffic, check out this list of top 9 ways for driving insane traffic to your website:

1. Come Up With The Perfect Titles For Your Content

To be honest, if you want to increase the traffic that you receive on your website in five minutes, then you need to come up with amazingly catchy headlines for your content. If your title doesn’t work as a magnet, I don’t think anything else can!

2. Create List-Based Posts

Yes, with the rapid increase in list posts that we’ve seen in the past couple of months, we’ve all grown kind of fed up of them. But seriously, you need to try your hand at them for the simple reason that they can help you receive massive (gigantic!) amounts of traffic.

3. The Much Dreaded SEO

People typically tend to think that SEO is all about technicalities like link architecture and keyword frequency etc. But the most important thing involved in SEO is that of building quality links. How? By creating interesting, fresh and exquisite content that is link worthy! If your content is not awesome, it’s never going to work for you!

4. Build Your Very Own Mailing List

One of the best means of getting traffic is to email the subscribers that you have already. Considering that you already have 1,000 email subscribers and 200 of them click on the link that you’ve sent, and then a dozen of them share it on Pinterest, Facebook etc., then you have a massive amount of traffic coming in!

5. Stick To A Single Social Network

Seriously, if you’re going to try to dedicate yourself to all the countless social networks out there, you’re going to lose. The only people who can do so successfully are those social networking super geeks, and if you aren’t one, then it's best for you to just stick to one social network. Pick one where you think you have a massive pool of target audience, and you will do just fine!

6. Interview Authorities In Your Particular Niche

I know you’re already thinking how carrying out an interview is going to help you gain traffic, but trust me, there’s a secret behind it. See, traffic is generated by outstanding content and strong connections, which are what you would be building on by interviewing authorities in your niche. The best part is that the interview content and the authority are going to help you gain an audience on their own even if you have none at hand!

7. Take On Different Media

Before anything else, you can do this only after you have established yourself in one media. Don’t just go straight into setting up a blog, YouTube channel, podcasts, eBooks etc., all at the same time. Once you have established a great audience in one medium, try your hand at another!

8. Chase Free Press

Seriously, this option is best for those who really don’t have the cash, but want all the advertising. Now, what's free press all about? If you’re thinking on the lines of being mentioned on a radio interview, TV news, or having an article published about you in a magazine can help you acquire tons of traffic, then you better drop the idea right now. The truth is although free press can get you some degrees of traffic, it just wouldn’t be stats that you’re after. Well, unless you get Oprah Winfrey to interview you! If you really want free press to work for you, then you’re going to have to work extra hard, and it is going to pay off by helping you gain national recognition.

9. Purchase Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads

Alright, this one is a no-brainer. But, the thing is that although you can make a good deal of money with PPC ads, you have to spend quite a bit on them too. To be honest, a majority of keywords these days tend to run at around more than a dollar for every click, and in the long term, this will deem it necessary for you to have proven sales that are particularly optimized for certain keywords.

I hope these 9 traffic tips have helped in your online marketing journey!
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