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Targeted Traffic SOLO ADS That Guarantee SALES!


Join over 2 million happy customers and start seeing REAL results.
Udimi is the most transparent and full-proof solo ad system I have ever used.

Unlike many PPC and online traffic services, Udimi actually connects buyers with the sellers directly, so you know who you’re dealing with.
Everyone of the sellers on Udimi have to pass a strict 3-stage ID check, passport scan, webcam and phone verification, so you can be assured they’re the real deal!

They use a new "blind rating system", meaning you can be confident that the scores you see are honest and accurate.
And, if anything should go wrong, Udimi’s support team are extremely dedicated to their company and will always do their best to resolve any issues you may come across.

All Udimi sellers offer double opt-in lists, which are regularly updated to eliminate bounces. You’ll be reaching recipients who are already familiar with the sender, and engaged with their content.
Udimi uses an advanced algorithm system that completely filters out fraudulent or 'spam-bot' clicks, so you’re only paying for genuine, niche targeted prospects to view your offer.

Finally, if you prefer not to write your own Email Solo Ads, they have professional writers that are ready to help.
They're experts will gladly write proven, high-conversion emails, and design landing pages which get immediate results!
You can browse their directory of highly-rated writers and designers to see what you can get.
Depending on the ad service you choose, we can offer this as a free service, or an optional ad-on.

10 Dollar Solo Ads

Now, if you want to try a cheaper Solo Ad service (Udimi can be a little overwhelming for those new to Online Marketing), '10 Dollar Solo Ads' have stood the test of time, and many have shared positive results from the traffic they provide, even including many direct Clickbank sales! (just do a search for '10 Dollar Solo Ads reviews')

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Final Words & Some Solo Ad Tips

The reason I haven't listed anymore solo ad services at this stage is because these are the only two solo ad companies that I have personally been using for years. In that time I have split-tested many different types of offers from numerous niches; ranging from free, lead-collecting squeeze pages to making instant JVZoo and Clickbank commissions, both 1-off and recurring.
The 1st tip I would strongly recommend, based upon my own experience, is to take advantage of their content writers. I was astounded by the increase in signups and sales when I stopped writing my own emails, and took advantage of their email writers. Udimi have both free and paid options for content writers, and that is worth exploring if you join.

Now, 10 Dollar Solo Ads provide ad-writing for free, but my results only started skyrocketing when I decided to use the email copies that I received a massive click-through ratio on Udimi with my 10DSA campaigns.

Finally, let me make one thing clear; I only provide reviews and recommendations for services that not only I use, but have brought me excellent results. And, that is why it is important to me that people find the results their looking for through my recommendations.
So with that said, if you don't feel comfortable with investing money into solo advertising at this stage, I completely understand; it can be a costly way to test your offer(s) if you're not 100% sure about what you're doing. That is why I recommend reading 'Email Marketing Blueprint'. It is completely free, doesn't take long to read, and explains every detail you need to know to master solo advertising, and get excellent results every time.

Thank you for reading, and good luck with your future online marketing endeavours!
Jonny Tyson

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