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What are the Benefits and Goals of Social Media Marketing?

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Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a form of Internet marketing aimed at achieving brand communication and marketing goals by participating in various social media networks such as You Tube, Twitter and Face Book, or social network application like dig, delicious, reddit and Wiki etc.. The goal of each SMM program varies from company to company, but primarily involves building brand awareness, increasing visibility, and thereby selling a product or service.
Social Media Marketing has become an absolute essential marketing tool to connect with customers and optimize ones online presence. Social media platforms provide the free tools to publish, chat and share content online. Video creation and sharing, live podcasts, regular blogging, niche-related online forums and social networking sites; these are all tools (free in most cases) that online entrepreneurs and business owners can use to establish relationships with their customers and sustain a long-term connection.
Social media platforms provide businesses with more opportunities to present optimised content, that can then be indexed by search engines and, eventually, improve the search engine traffic for the businesses website.

Social Media Marketing Business Plan

To start applying some elements of social media marketing into your business plan, it is important to first evaluate your customer-base, so as to come up with some effective strategies. If your customers are other professionals, like yourself, who communicate online regularly, then podcasting can be set-up very easily and be very effective in this case.
Uploading video content to Youtube is a very popular, yet effective social media marketing tactic to improve your position in search engine results. If you are comfortable in-front of a camera, the personal touch of video marketing is also an extremely effective way of increasing your online personal-branding presence. Through Youtube, customers can visit your website, view your videos and in some cases post about your video or business to their own blogging audience, social networking profile or websites. Youtube is a fantastic platform to reach a wider audience and create some buzz around new product releases etc., especially if the product is visually appealing.

Customer Relationship Marketing Strategy 
Building healthy relationships with customers should be an ongoing process for any online entrepreneur. A real stand-out advantage with social media is that it brings the business and customers closer, making that relationship more personal through blog posts. It tells the customer a little bit about you, not just your product or service. 
Blogs and websites that have videos, images, and written content, can spark customer interest, increase loyalty, and provide a new way to optimize your search engine presence.

Continue to add content on a regular basis, and this will encourage customers to return to read more. With the on-going growth of social media, consumers have now become contributors, contributing to the brand message of many businesses. On your own, you will strive to make waves to get your business name out there, but all you need at the beginning is a small ripple. Pay regular attention to the tsunami’s being made by the larger media companies, and use marketing strategies that take advantage of the big splash they make in larger social groups.

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