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Get On The First Page Of Google Using On-Page AND Off-Page Optimization


onpage and offpage seo techniques

Getting on the first page of Google can be very difficult and time consuming. With Google's new Penguin & Panda updates, a lot of people & business' are being red flagged and kicked from Google's search engines.
I have done a lot of research on the best techniques to get high quality backlinks to my website. I used methods like article marketing, web 2.0, video marketing, social bookmarking, social media, and article directories.
In this article I am going to discuss the steps I used to get on the first page of Google. Getting on the first page of Google isn't easy and it takes time and dedication to get to this position. Just like everything in life, it doesn't happen over night. What helped me out was to plan everything I wanted get done over the week. I spent 1 hour a day working on my site instead of saving all the work for one day. By doing this it gave me time to do other things, and I didn't get overwhelmed... After all the blood, sweat, and tears; the hard work payed off!

On-Page SEO Optimization

On-Page SEO Optimization is the most important step to getting your website ranked on the first page of Google. When you have your website optimized correctly, it makes it easier for Googles spiders to crawl your website to see what it is about.

Make sure you have your keyword(s) in the following spots on your website:
You should have your keyword in your Url, title, meta description, 1-2 times in your first paragraph, 3-4 times in your body, and at least 1 time in your last paragraph.
If you follow these basic instructions, you will sure get your website boosted up in search engine rankings.

Off-Page SEO Optimization

For the first month of my off-page SEO efforts I chose to focus purely on a common technique that we all know as 'Article Marketing. For this, I used a website called to submit my articles to. This gets you a high quality backlinks to your website.
You should aim to write at least 10-15 articles related to your website using the keyword(s) you are trying to rank for. After you have submitted your articles, you may even choose to create Web 2.0 accounts to submit more articles, which also gives you high ranking backlinks.
You can use websites like if you are struggling to reach the first page of Google. After that I highly recommend creating an account on Youtube, if you haven't already. Videos are the really quickest and easiest way to get targeted traffic your website, and because Google owns Youtube, this makes it very easy to get a video ranked on Google search.
After the first month I saw some great results and my website slowly crawled up the pages of Google and eventually got on the first page.
Make sure to build you backlinks consistently and NEVER spam, because you don't want to look like a spammer and get your website red flagged. The best thing to do is create 3-5 backlinks a week, and by the end on the month you should have 15-20 high quality backlinks to your website.

Why You Need An SEO Strategy

Having an SEO Strategy in place is the cornerstone of your website search engine ranking success. It's vitally important to map out what, where, when, why, and how you are going to implement your website optimization strategy. There are a lot of pieces to the puzzle and the only way to truly be successful at it is to create a well thought out plan and implementation schedule.
It takes a fair amount of resources and a great deal of knowledge to layout a plan to be successful, so be sure that you have the in-house skill sets required for the task. If not, consider bringing in an SEO expert to guide you along the way.
SEO is something that you don't want to make mistakes in implementation as it can damage your website ranking and your position within the search engines.

Writing Original SEO Content

A major part of your SEO strategy will involves article writing. Google and the other search engines LOVE original content! And with all the latest Google algorithm updates, it's becoming perfectly clear what's ahead on the horizon. Duplicate and less than spectacular content will not only not be tolerated, but your site will get severely penalized and basically buried into search engine oblivion for not conforming.
Well written, content-rich, with proper grammar, etc. are all necessary for your posts to be successful. As always, good keyword selection as mentioned in the previous section is necessary and a vital part of the articles that you produce.
Do not even think of starting your article until you have researched and come up with the proper keywords to embed throughout the article or you are pretty much wasting your time producing content. Why get a 1% result, when you can get 100%!

Using Keywords

At the top of the list of importance with your SEO strategy are keywords. These are the words that everyone types into the search engines to find you and your products or services. Keyword research is as much an art as it is a science. Only with diligent study and practice can you learn to pick out the elusive top money-making and traffic generating keywords that will rocket your website to the top of the heap.
Remember - Without good keywords you will never reach or maintain top positions within the search engine realm. Pick great keywords and your job is easier, pick poor keywords and you will be fighting (and losing) an uphill battle that will result in a lackluster performance.

Internal Link Building

Another part of your website SEO process, which surprising many neglect to put in practice, involves linking the pages within your website to each other, so that the spiders (search engine minions set to the task of scouring your website for content) can understand the quality and relevance of your content.
You want to link all of your important (keyword rich) pages to your main website home page. This allows the spiders to follow your links and interconnect your data in a way that is helpful to the search engines (and ultimately you).

Getting Quality Backlinks

The process of building backlinks is basically getting links from around the internet pointing back to your website. High quality links from other websites let the search engines know how popular your site and content is. The higher the quality (page rank) of the site linking to you, the better and more important the search engines will think you are.
It is very important with all the constant search engine updates to get high quality links. Quantity doesn't work anymore. Less quantity, more quality is what the search engines crave.

Check Your SEO Statistics Regularly

Before, during and after you undertake your path to SEO stardom, take stock of where your website currently is. You can use basic reports like those from Google Analytics, which provide a wealth of information, or enlist the services of a SEO company to produce a comprehensive report and analysis of where your website currently is and how to get it where it needs to be.
I know it sounds complicated and expensive, but it really isn't at all. A good and affordable SEO company can produce a report for you within a day for a very low cost (under $50 range). It's well worth the money as you will get a lot of valuable information that will help guide you in your decision making process in implementing and planning your SEO.

Beware Of Overnight Success Temptations

As you travel down the SEO path, you will encounter many offers to quickly launch you to the top of the search engines for a low cost and in a short period of time. Be aware that the search engines, Google in particular, are very aware of these shortcut tactics and will penalize your site rather severely if it is detected.
The search engines are in the business of providing quality search engine results for their advertising clients, and someone trying to game the system will be rooted out rather expeditiously. At best, within a few weeks your search engine ranking will return to whence they started, and at worst your website will get buried so deep within the search pages, no one will ever find you and it will be a very gradual return to their graces. If this does happen to your website, you can gradually crawl back in the SEO limelight again, but don't expect it to happen overnight.

SEO is a marathon, not a quick race. Over time, with the proper plan and implementation, you stand a much better chance of achieving great success with your website. The world of SEO is incredibly competitive with new cheaper, better, faster players entering the arena every day. In order to attain and maintain your status within the search engines, it is imperative that you develop and implement a plan of action to grow your website, traffic and profits.
Take it one step at a time so as not to get overwhelmed or to falter, enlist the service of SEO experts to get you on the right path and continually update and improve your website to keep it fresh. Small steps every day will help you win the race to the top!

To your success,
Jonny Tyson


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