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The Importance Of Keyword Phrases And Long-Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords SEO

How do you differentiate between a potentially good and a potentially bad keyword? It is not actually a complicated question to answer. Basically it all boils down to whether a keyword phrase is one that will make you money or not! After all, there is no point in targeting keywords that will get a lot of search traffic, if the traffic generated does not want to spend any cash at your site!

There are a number of attributes I look at when assessing whether to target a particular keyword phrase or not. Lets have a look at those attributes now.

Keyword Phrase Attributes

Profit Potential

What I mean by profit potential is the likelihood that someone searching for a particular keyword phrase will actually spend money based on the results they get. For example; if someone used the word 'free' in their search phrase, it indicates they are not about to part with any cash, they are just looking for free information on the subject they are interested in. Whereas if they include the word 'buy' or even 'review' they are much more likely to be actively searching for something to buy.
Also, if their search phrase includes a specific product name or model number they are again more likely to be in a buying frame-of-mind. The more the person searching needs a solution to their problem, the more likely they are to make a purchase. For example; answers to relationship or appearance problems would fall into the 'desperate buyer' category. Therefore look for search phrases that are in the form of questions within these categories, an example would be the search phrase "how to catch a cheating partner".

Try and put yourself in the mind of the searcher when evaluating potential search phrases. Think about what frame-of-mind the person is in. Are they in 'buying mode' or 'research mode'? Are they feeling emotional, vulnerable or desperate? A good indication of the profit potential of a keyword phrase is how much PPC advertisers are prepared to pay to advertise on the phrase. You can find this information for a phrase using 'Keyword Researcher', which shows you search volumes and PPC statistics. The higher the PPC figure, the more likely you will be able to make money from the keyword.


Search Engine Traffic

Unless you are using software to automatically generate hundreds of web pages or blog posts, you want to identify keywords that get reasonable search volumes each month. By reasonable I mean 500 plus searches per month. I personally target keywords with a minimum of 2,000 monthly searches for my niche site homepages and 500 for other pages or posts.
If you use content automation software that instantly generates hundreds or thousands of pages, you can obviously target keywords with very small monthly search figures, because 1,000 pages each getting 10 searches per month is nice traffic!


Keyword Competition

The competition for a keyword is measured typically by how many other pages are competing or optimized for your targeted keyword phrase. Optimized pages are what you need to be interested in. I use 'page title analysis' to evaluate competition. This provides me with a good indication of how big the real competition is for the phrase, as I know that people have actually optimized for the term. How competitive you can be will also depend on your ability to get inbound links to your pages. The higher you want to rank for your term, the more links you will need pointing to your content.

how to find long tail keywords for seo


Why You Should Use Long-Tail Keywords

The vast majority of people who have their own website realize the importance of keywords and just how vital they are if you want your site picked up by the search engines. Unfortunately though, there are still scores of website owners who are not yet familiar with "long-tail" keywords. Essentially, they have the potential to drive a ton of targeted traffic to your site.


How Long-Tail Keywords Can Benefit You

The purpose of any keyword is to get traffic to your site, but where long-tail keywords differ from regular keywords is, they allow you to reach quality targeted traffic.
While they may not bring as much traffic as regular keywords, the traffic they bring will be more likely to convert. Why? Because the traffic will be people who were searching for those specific terms in the first place.
Ideally, if you want to take full advantage, you should use them on all the pages of your site, because not only will they bring quality traffic, but they'll also help with your search engine rankings.


The Ideal Way to Use Long-Tail Keywords

As I have said already, you're best off if you place a couple of them on as many pages as you can and of course, use the most searched for words in your site's title.
Another recommendation I always make is, your keyword(s) should be in bold, so visitors see the words they were searching for immediately. In fact, having them in bold also makes them more visible to search engines. Just remember not to overdo it, otherwise Google will consider it as "keyword stuffing" and you don't want that to happen!

To your success,
Jonny Tyson

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