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10 Steps For Creating A Lead-Generating B2B LinkedIn Group

b2b linkedin lead generation

In today's article I am going to explain some successful proven strategies for creating a B2B LinkedIn Group specifically for Lead Generation.

1. Start With Your Product Or Service In Mind

The first thing you need to do is create a group that is connected to your product or service. This may be related to the product category or your specific industry, but general enough that the right people will find the group relevant and interesting.
Choose a group name that reflects the topic and will be meaningful to your prospects.

2. Determine The Most Likely Buyers

Since we are looking at this group through the lens of lead generation, make sure you take into account your most likely buyers. The group should be targeted to them.
As you are planning the group, make sure to develop a targeted persona so you know who should be in the group.

3. Never Mention The Product

Even though you have the product in mind, the point of the group is not to sell the product. Market trends and solutions related to the product and services are what is important to the group.

4. Create A Closed Group

You can create a 'closed group' or an 'open group' on LinkedIn. Start out with a closed group as you are building it up. This way only people you invite can join the group.
As it grows and develops some traction, you may want to make it an open group to take advantage of search and sharing benefits of things posted in the group.
While an open group is visible to all, you can still moderate members and comments.

5. Manage It Like A Community

The LinkedIn group you build is a community, and it needs community management. That means you, or someone on your team, must be a manager of the group. This person must have the personality to interact with group members on a regular basis, reach out to them publicly or privately to ask questions or elicit comments, and generally keep the conversation interesting and flowing. A number of different people can serve in this role.

6. Build It Like A 3-Layer Cake

Start the first layer by getting your staff to join the group, so it has a bit of a head start.
The second layer includes your closest business partners and some existing customers. Let them know the purpose of the group and that their interaction is encouraged.
Once the group has that 'lived-in' feeling, invite some targeted prospects to join the group. This is the top of the cake. They are the ones to focus on, and it helps that they are joining an active, growing group.

7. Know What Content To Share

The purpose of this group is to provide value to the community, and especially the prospects, so they begin to build a relationship with you. You can do that through content. You can use third-party content related to the theme of the group or even conversation starters, which are just what they sound like; comments and questions that get people talking.

8. Engage The Group

Your community managers need to continuous engage the group members to keep the conversation going. That may include such things as messaging someone with a specific and relevant post and asking them to provide their thoughts in the group.

9. Practice Both Inbound And Outbound Lead Generation

You can use this group to manage both inbound and outbound leads. Sharing content in the group that provides links back to your blog, website and landing pages encourages clicks and shares to drive more people to those pages.
As you build relationships with your targeted prospects in the group, you can coordinate with the sales team to reach out to them. And this is no longer a 'cold call'.

10. Remember: Marketing-Led = Sales-Fed

Finally, keep in mind that social selling initiatives like this are run by the marketing team, but ultimately they support sales. You are generating leads for sales.

To your success,
Jonny Tyson

P.S. If there are any other best practices you have developed in using LinkedIn groups to generate leads, please feel free to share them in the comments.

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