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The Power Of Using Attraction Marketing in Business

attraction marketing in business

Attraction Marketing is one of those buzzwords thrown around in Internet Marketing and Network Marketing circles. Often the people using the term have no understanding of what it actually means, and many of them are guilty of spamming their wares across the Internet.

The Law Of Attraction was first mentioned in print in 1879. The New York Times suggested that some "occult law of attraction" was driving the people toward the Colorado gold rush (source -Wikipedia). Once coined, the phrase continued to be used. But it wasn't until Napoleon Hill published his classic "Think And Grow Rich" that it really established itself in the common vernacular.
Napoleon Hill mentions a "secret" to success, and it is widely reputed that his secret was the Law Of Attraction. This of course become another cult like phenomenon, with the release of Prime Time Productions; "The Secret" in 2006.
More recently it has been used in the Network Marketing and the MLM industry by people like Mike Dillard and Ann Sieg as away of building downlines.

Although the Law Of Attraction has been associated with cults, and cult like behavior in the past, there is a universal truth associated with it. That truth is that if people like you, they will want to do business with you, and this should be the basis of any marketing done under the banner of Attraction Marketing.
Attraction Marketing is not about secrets, blueprints, manifestos, and quantum physics. It is about being a genuinely positive influence in people's lives. If you think about the people in your inner circle of friends: how did they achieve this status? I am guessing it is because they added value to your life and so you "connected."
Making connections with people is how attraction marketing works. If you conduct yourself and your business in such a way that people notice your genuineness, and they see that you give value, they will want do business with you. More than that, they will want to introduce you to their friends, because they know that their friends will get great value and appreciate the introduction.

It works just like it did in school; the prom queen is always very popular, and this is because of the principles of attraction marketing and giving value. The boys flock to her because she gives them value - she is pleasing to the eye (sexist perhaps, but true!), the girls flock around her because she has the attention of the boys - and they get value by gaining the attention of any boys the queen rejects. The prom queen of course gets value from the attention of everyone. So within that circle of influence everyone is giving and receiving value, so it works.
Now bring that lesson into the business world, and you will see it working just as effectively. A hairdresser that cuts children's hair for free is going to give value to the family, so the family will give all their business to that company. Not only that, they will want to tell their friends of the great value they are getting, because by sharing that value they are giving positive input into their friends lives.

Attraction Marketing can work with ANY business. Find a way to give value to people. Provide a free service, free product, or free advice, anything that generates positive credits in other peoples lives, and they will then be happy to allow you to make a withdrawal from their emotional bank account by making a withdrawal from their physical bank account. This is why attraction marketing is also referred to as permission marketing.

To your success,
Jonny Tyson

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