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Tips On Mastering The Art Of Online Attraction Marketing

 Attraction Marketing Definition


Attraction marketing has a very long history. It has been around for a long time but has only recently been completely revived. Attraction marketing has been in existence since people started influencing other people. Why is it some people become a famous actor or actress? Why is it some people rise to power and leadership?

The common reason is because some people are simply better at attracting other people. Some people have perfected the skills needed to connect with the masses. Some people were gifted at birth with the ability to attract people. But don't be too hard on yourself because the attraction skills you need can be taught and picked up with practice.

Simply put; the attraction marketing definition is the concept of creating a desire or interest in someone by connecting with them through written word, through voice and through the eyes.

I like to study tv ads and watch how the commercials try to connect with people. Often times a tv ad will show a celebrity using their product. The advertisers use celebrities because they know there are tons of people who are attracted to particular celebrities, and if a celeb says a product is great then people will buy it. This is a perfect example of attraction marketing.

Here is an example; suppose I put together a commercial showing a happy couple sitting next to a cozy fireplace, sipping on a cup and a view of a window in the background with snow outside. Both of them are visually enjoying a warm steaming cup of hot chocolate. Beside them is sitting a container of the hot coco mix that the company want's to promote in this advertisement. Is this making sense? The company is trying to cause you to be attracted to this image. You can almost taste the hot coco now. This is attraction marketing.

Connecting with your prospect is attraction marketing. Folks who become the most successful in sales or business are great at attraction marketing. One of the most important aspects of sales is to connect and relate to your prospect from the very beginning. This is a significant part of the selling procedure because you need to form a bridge of connection first to ultimately sell to the prospect.

Connecting with people and attracting people is crucial in our world and is a major part of growing a business. Every winning business has perfected their own style of attraction marketing. This is attracting prospects which leads to sales. Instead of beating the pavement and knocking on doors you are attracting prospects to you.


How Can YOU Use Attraction Marketing With Your Business?

Attraction marketing today has been springing up all over the internet. A lot of entrepreneurs are using attraction marketing online as a living. You can see this all over the web through social networks, blogs and videos etc. The internet has leveled the playing field for many marketers because the cost is so low. Before we had all of these online communities, it was difficult and costly to do effective attraction marketing. It took money and tons of it to create a video or a brochure, and get it out to people across a reasonable area. Today, and with the internet, you can create a personal webpage with your content and send it out to the masses at practically no cost. Lots of people are using attraction marketing to promote themselves. The folks that are "in the know" are amassing huge incomes online. What it comes down to is how good of a job you do promoting yourself. Many people are trying to market a product or a company and they are getting nowhere. It's real simple; Market yourself and you will make it!

One final note.. You must be yourself. People are attracted to different people for different reasons. It's funny how often I am told that I remind people of someone they know, and because of this some people connect with me on a distinctive level.



American Idol. I always find it intriguing that a horrible singer can stay on the show when other great singers leave. Let's think about this show for a minute and relate it to attraction marketing. What is the show really doing? Not only do the contestants sing but they give interviews, American Idol plays videos and they tell a story about the contestant. This is exactly why some performers continue on even when they sound like a dead sheep. There are people out there who love them and this is attraction marketing.

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