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Top 5 Traffic Exchange Sites For 2020 (Highest Conversions)

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Where can I find a reliable traffic exchange site where members actually look at my Ad?
This is the main question on most people’s minds. The competition that exists over the internet has seen many webmasters face immense problems, as they try to create the desired visibility to their website.
The good news however is that, there are a number of methods that people can use to attain their desired traffic. One of the most reliable methods that one can turn to is the 'traffic exchanges'.
This website traffic generation method literally means that "when I visit your site, you reciprocate by visiting mine".

This method has proven over time to be reliable. However, the main problem that most people find themselves facing is in the finding of the 'quality' traffic exchanges.

Here are the Top 5 Traffic Exchange Sites that I have found success with..

1. LeadsLeap 4.0 Alpha

LeadsLeap is one of the most reliable and fastest growing manual traffic exchanges that people use more than ever today.
The great thing about the LeadsLeap is that it is advertised outside the traffic exchange industry. This means that it has more reach over other methods that are confined solely within the exchange. This diversity in advertisement means that you get more traffic, from 1000's of different websites. LeadsLeap is definitely my number 1 pick for quality, fresh and reliable daily traffic.
You can read my full LeadsLeap Review here.

Traffic Splash Review

2. Traffic Splash

Traffic Splash is the original in the provision of the 'surf rewards'. The great thing about the use of this exchange is the reliable access to tons of bonus credits.
Traffic Splash has proven over years to be a very reliable exchange to use, and the popularity that they have gained makes them one of the most popular traffic exchanges in the market to turn to. Working with the experts makes the novice experts themselves.

Traffic Splash surf rewards

3. Traffic Crowd (Traffic Exchange)

Traffic Crowd is yet another reliable traffic exchange that one can turn to for the most reliable performance in terms of quality traffic. This traffic exchange has a unique, community-driven coop system where
each member is rewarded money or advertising credits for simply participating in their everyday activities. And, because of their coop-traffic system, you only need to surf on a couple of traffic exchanges to receive a flood of traffic from 100's of different established traffic websites. This is among the few well established exchanges that one can turn to for a reliable flow of traffic to your website. The exchange has been known to deliver great results when it comes to traffic quality.

Traffic Crowd membership options

4. Traffic Ad Bar

Traffic Ad Bar has literally been blowing away the competition over the last couple of years due to the amazing results members have been getting. Even the experienced webmasters have been turning to this little gold mine!
traffic ad bar review
With a unique platform and user-friendly applications, your ads get the attention they deserve. This traffic exchange has been known to deliver highly-targeted traffic to any website or link, with the most reliable results. And, unlike many other traffic exchange sites, Traffic Ad Bar uses a level-ladder which generates hits for members by using the "Daily Update Email".

5. Trafficera

Last, but definitely NOT least, Trafficera is quite simply a brilliant and diverse traffic exchange. With literally 1000's of other online marketers and entrepreneurs, both beginners and experienced, from all around the world, it's like a giant marketplace for advertising your product(s) whilst also promoting yourself! And, you can be certain that this traffic exchange is only going to get bigger, better and more improved over time, because is was developed by Logiscape Technologies, who have been successfully building very large scale traffic exchange networks for around 10 years now. Honestly, it is really a great place to hang-out, network with other marketers, and earn a lot of extra targeted traffic to your websites at the same time.
P.S. If you choose to join Trafficera through the banner below, not only will you receive 50 FREE Website Visitors instantly, but you will also see me as working together..

To your success,
Jonny Tyson


  1. I am a PRO member of LeadsLeap and Traffic Ad Bar, these are the best ones in my opinion. I normally get around 5 new optins per day just by using these two programs.

  2. Thanks for the info Tim.
    Yeah, Iv been a Pro member at LeadLeap for a while now...
    I would never go back to the free plan now. :p



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