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LEADSLEAP 4.0 Review 2020 - How Does Leadsleap Work?

LEADSLEAP 4.0 Review 2020

In this article I will be doing a NO Hype LeadsLeap 4.0 Review, updated for 2020.

Without a doubt; LeadsLeap is clearly my favourite source of quality, free targeted traffic. LeadsLeap stands out of the crowd when it comes to attention to your ads.
Instead of a timer, which most traffic exchanges use, visitors to your ad will receive more credits the longer they stay and interact with your advertisement. This is a VERY effective way of getting your ad noticed and majorly increases the chances of getting more leads and/or sales.

Other members can rate and review your ad. If your ad gains a decent rating, this has proven to increase the amount of traffic you'll receive.

Personally, I have been using LeadsLeap for over 10 years now, and in that time have gained 1000's of leads through this system. And, for the icing on the cake; they also have 4 easy methods of making money while promoting your own business.

How Does LeadsLeap Work?

* Advertise for free and get quality niche-targeted traffic.
* Earn real cash daily with their PPC program. (No website needed)
* Write reviews on any product or service and get excellent SEO traffic. (Again, no website necessary)
* Use the LL internal link-tracker to check if you're getting REAL visitors or bot traffic. (This is priceless!)
* Create professional lead-capture popups for free, which you can add to your blog or website very easily.
  - You can even add the popups that you have created to your LeadsLeap tracker. (How cool is that?) :-)
* A
 list-management system is provided to all members, both free and paid, with which you can build your own list, create an autoresponder and even send out broadcasts!
You can read more about the LeadsLeap Link-Tracking Service Here.

LeadsLeap Ad Example

Viral Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising has been proven to be an effective advertising model.
It's been proven that while people are reading the information they want, they are also interested in looking at the text advertisements and find out if those advertisements can give them more information they desire.
Google understands this fact and they came out with probably the first contextual advertising program that we all know as Google Adword. And, we all know how successful Google Adword is.
Now, how about......

Viral Contextual Advertising

What would happen if we combine contextual advertising with a 10-levels network lead generation system?
Don't understand what I mean?
Picture this then....
Imagine that you manage to signup 4 people to your network at LeadsLeap. These 4 people, in turn, refer 4 other people each, and so on.
With the LeadsLeap 10-level lead generation system, this is what your network could look like in no time:

viral contextual advertising

Membership Level Options

To begin with, as a free member, earning advertising credits is very easy. As mentioned earlier in this article, there is not a set timer while viewing other members ads, but instead you receive on-going credits the longer you view that ad (upto 3 minutes).
Now, if you are an active member and have spare time to earn credits, the free membership option is a good way to go. But, let me tell you why I upgraded to the Pro Membership.. About 8 months ago I decided to give the upgraded membership option a go... and.. wow!..
This is definitely the best advertising investment I have made!
If you decide to upgrade to 'Pro Membership', you can list upto 10 ads, all with highly niche-targeted options.
As well as that, you never have to click any ads to receive unlimited targeted traffic to each of your 10 ads.
Your Ad will be shown 24/7 throughout the entire LeadsLeap network.
Not only will your Ad run on L.L. but on 1000's of members websites covering many niches.
This is honestly now my main source for getting signups and leads for my online businesses.

FREE Vs PRO Comparison Chart

LeadsLeap Free vs Pro Membership


"LeadsLeap is light years ahead of every other lead generation tool I have used. The tools are easy to use, and they are absolutely unique :-). LeadsLeap has produced quality traffic for my other half's blog, which is in a very small and specialized niche. It also produces quality signups for every program I have advertised to date. I look forward to using LeadsLeap for a long long time!"
Eva j Landry

"Wow! I'm blown away at how Kenneth Koh, LeadsLeap founder, has constantly taken this program to new levels. Honestly, I have only been using this system for a few months, but the utility of the Leadsleap program never ceases to amaze me. When I check my advertizing to see which ads are performing the best, Leadsleap is always at the top of the list in sending me lots of traffic."

Keith Dyer

"This Downline-Text-Message feature is a really intelligent way to stay in touch with your people without annoying them, and yes, this feature goes 10-Levels deep. So you will not only be able to reach your personally referred people, but all they refer, and all they refer, and all they refer, and so on until the 10th level."

Till Geissinger

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