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What is 'Google PageRank' (PR)? | Simple Improvements you can make to Increase YOUR Google PageRank

how google pagerank works

Before we begin, a quick and obvious word about the Google Search Engine: Google is THE most popular search engine on the Internet, period. Not only is it the largest of its kind, but the company focuses on making online information easy to access and even easier to find.

As such, it will serve webmasters well to become familiar with the Google PageRank process - Google PageRank is an algorithm based on inbound links and other factors, and will ultimately determine the location of your website listing in the Google Search Engine.

So, What A Is Google PageRank?

A Google PageRank is a process used by the Google Search Engine to select sites that respond to specific queries. Basically, when a user submits a query, the Google search engine tries to match the websites to the query that was asked. Yet, this simple science is a bit more complex than suggesting submitting a query.
Behind the scenes, Google uses specific algorithms to determine if a site specifically addresses the needs of the user, by analyzing the content of a site by keyword and by the number of inbound links associated with the site.
Each quality, incoming link is considered an up-vote and the more thumbs-up, the more keywords, the higher the Google PageRank.

Why is Your Google PageRank Significant?

What does it mean to you when your Google PR actually goes up? Does it really matter what your Google PageRank is at all? You bet it does! The higher your Google PageRank, the higher on a search engine’s query-listing your website will appear.
So, if you are serious about getting real SEO results for your efforts, especially in a search engine as popular as Google, you will definitely want to maximize your efforts of getting your website or blog visible to the world by improving your PageRank.
The higher you appear in Google's search engine listings, and many other search engines, the easier your website will be to find. Essentially, this equates to more targeted online traffic for your website, and if you are running an online business, more traffic ultimately means more profit and future revenue for yourself.

Improve Your Google PageRank By Making These Improvements

If you want to improve your Google PageRank, one way you can do this is by starting a 'Link-Building Campaign'. A link campaign can help you increase more incoming links to your website and in turn, those incoming links will improve your Google PR.
So, how do you start a link-building campaign? Well, you can take a difficult route by exploring the Internet to find websites that are similar to yours, or you can make your link campaign a much easier process by using the free Google Chrome extension PageRank Browser and find all the best Alexa-ranked websites on the Internet with relative ease.

Of course, there are a number of things you must remember when you start your link campaign. Google actually evaluates various links and holds some links in higher-regard than others. In other words, if you link to 100 less-popular websites, you can actually decrease your Google PageRank.
On the flip-side though; if you link to 50 very popular sites and get incoming links in return, you can significantly increase your PR. So, when you start your link campaign, keep the issue of 'popularity' in-mind.

Lets Talk about "Inbound-Links"

To be honest, some links that you will establish will be better than others. Your goal should be to establish the highest-quality links possible; by examining the quality of all the inbound-links you receive.
Various webmaster tools can help you determine the quality of the reciprocal links you get in return. The best idea is to focus most of your attention on establishing direct inbound links to already popular websites. Also, try to only link with websites that are based in the same niche or very similar; remember the search engine algorithm used by Google to determine your PR is based on 'relevance'.
You will also find that the location of the inbound links is of significant importance. For example, when you establish inbound-links, those links that are buried deep within a website will have less influence on the ranking of your website in Google’s search engine.

What is clear is that your Google PageRank is of significant importance. Thus, every effort should be used to improve your PR. With the use of webmaster tools and the use of extensions like PageRank Browser, you should have little difficulty getting your PR where you want it to be. Therefore, you will not only improve your PR, you will improve the amount of search engine-based online traffic you receive by ten-fold!

I Hope this article has been useful.

Thanks for reading.
Jonny Tyson

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