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Network Marketing Tips For Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

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Spam folders can be a roadblock for a successful email marketing campaign, and a lot of people claim that they won’t read it… but this method of marketing a network marketing business continues to generate sales.

According to a survey done a few years ago by Epsilon, 84% of email users said that they click-through to read more about offers that had messages relevant to their needs. More than 70% said that they bought a product or service because of an email network marketing offer, and more them 50% forwarded email messages about a product or service on to others.

Personalized E-Mails Get Better Responses

Electronic communication is fast, cheap and - when personalized - is highly effective as a marketing tactic. A basic example of this would be an email addressed to a person by 'first name' in the e-mail subject area, and the persons name included in the body text of the email.
One study showed that personalized emails generated 74% more customer engagement, far less unsubscribes and more than 400 percent more sales!

Improve your response rates even more by letting people know in the email subject area, as well as in the opening text of the email, the reason you are writing to them. People are busy, so get to the point of your message right away, whether it’s letting them know about a special savings, a bonus incentive, or an event in their area. After you’ve made your reason clear, remind the reader of who you are and your previous relationship with them.

Send emails only to those people who have given you permission. When someone asks to be removed from your list, respond immediately. Don’t get pegged as a spammer. You can lose your site and face criminal charges if found to be in violation of the iCan Spam Act.

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Tips For Email Marketing Success

People get fewer emails in the afternoon, so yours will have a better chance of getting read when sent then.
Avoid cramming your whole marketing message in a single email. Make your note only as long as will fit in single frame on the viewer’s screen.
Include a link to a web page with more details.
A study by Lyris Technologies showed that emails not getting through to inboxes had less to do with spam filters and more to do with the content.
A big factor in whether emails got through was the heavy use of images, which causes spam scores to go up. ISPs block incoming emails when users complain, so it’s critical that you keep your message relevant, simple, and clean.

Make Your Signature Count

One of the most overlooked yet opportune ways to promote your network marketing offer is by exploiting the bottom of your emails in an area known as the 'email signature'.
Quite simply; it’s free ad space… and it works!
Most email management programs allow you to create a variety of email signatures that automatically appear at the conclusion of your email message.
This area is like the "P.S." of a letter - and it may end up being read more often than the body of your email.
Create different signatures for different categories of communications, like a special message for distributors and another for prospects.
Include a persuasive testimonial by a satisfied customer or research study.

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Set Up An Email Autoresponder

Autoresponders are automated emails, programmed to deliver immediate or scheduled replies to anyone who sends an email to the autoresponder address.
Email autoresponder addresses appear just like any other kind of emails. For example, someone sending email to could receive a programmed welcome message from you, which could link to a web page with a promotional offer for example.

Autoresponders help you leverage your time by automating the process of answering commonly asked questions. They go out immediately and the receiver gets it as fast as he/she receives any other emails.
Autoresponders can include a series of messages. For instances, you can program an autoresponder series to deliver a mini-course in how to save on legal expenses for your small business. Or, you can deliver issues of a newsletter via an autoresponder series.

Most autoresponders are easy to set up. Providers allow you to create messages, schedule their delivery time, send the emails, and provide links for those who wish to stop receiving (opt-out) your announcements. You can also view and export your list of subscribers.

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The Daily Double

For almost any topic, you can probably find plenty of interesting information you can break up into bite-sized nuggets of wisdom, which can go into an autoresponder series to deliver “daily tips” to your customers, distributors, or prospects.
Not only will these tips help your contacts, you add to your own knowledge by doing product and market research, and accumulating data that can be incorporated into your other marketing approaches.

Take any useful content (that isn’t copyrighted) about your product or its ingredients and benefits. Your "tip-of-the-day" (or week) series could be a free service, or you could charge for a year’s subscription.
Daily tips help your customers and distributors find out more ways to use a product than they knew about before.
Tip - Invite subscribers to submit their own network marketing product tip stories and credit them by name.

To your success,
Jonny Tyson

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