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10 Tips To Help You Choose The Best Name For Your Work-At-Home Business

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Choosing the right name for your business can have a huge impact on its success. The word or group of words that you choose as your company name embody who you are and what you represent to your clients, competitors, and anyone you work with.
As a long-term investment, a good name will make people want to use your product or services and associate with your company. Make sure it’s good and memorable.

Follow these tips to pick a name that effectively represents your company:

1. Make It Easy-To-Use

Make sure that your company name is easy to understand, spell, and pronounce, and something that can be easily repeated.

2. Make It Original And Distinct

Stay away from names that are similar or identical to that of another business. Not only could it make your clients confused - it could also land you a costly lawsuit.

3. Make It Relevant And Memorable

Make your name relevant to your business or service so that it effectively represents you, and make it quick and to the point. Making it catchy will also help your potential clients remember it.

4. Stress Your Company’s Image

Make sure that your name aligns with and emphasizes the image you are trying to convey for your company. For example, you could add adjectives like “speedy” or “rapid” to your name (e.g. “Rapid Writing Services”) if your business focuses on fast turnaround.

5. Check For Your Name’s Availability

Check the internet to make sure that the domain name for the company name you are considering is available for you to purchase before you decide on the name for your business.
Being able to make a website with your company’s unaltered name is important to ensure that your clients will be able to find you online.
Try to pick a name that has a '.com' domain still open. You might also want to make sure that you can create a Facebook page and twitter handle with your company’s name.
You may even want to check with a lawyer to determine whether your business name is available or not. This is especially important if your business has a physical location.

6. Avoid Foreign Language Problems

Make sure your chosen name does not have negative connotations in another language.

7. Consider Using "A" Or "The" Before Your Business Name

Adding "A" or "The" can change your position in the telephone directory, so it could be worthwhile to do so if your clients are likely to find you through alphabetical listings.
Keep in mind that using acronyms or abbreviations can confuse your potential customers, so be smart about how you use them.

8. Keep It Open-Ended

Make sure that your name will continue to represent your company if you decide to expand the services and products you offer. Even if you are offering a niche service or product, try not to state the particular product, as this can hinder your ability to branch out as your business becomes more established.

9. Get Feedback From Outsiders

Ask someone who you trust will be completely honest with you to give you feedback on potential names you think up. Have them consider your company’s name from a potential customer’s perspective. For example, you could ask them which name would make them want to visit your company’s website or read more about your company. You could even ask your friends or family members for suggestions for names.

10. Give Yourself Time To Come Up With The Right Name

Don’t get caught up in the excitement of starting a new business and end up jumping on a name that you might not be happy with. Take the time to come up with a name that you will truly like.
Ultimately, your company’s name is your client’s first contact with you and your company. Don’t rush yourself into coming up with a name quickly. Take your time to choose a name that will create the right image and bring success to your company.

To your success,
Jonny Tyson

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