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What Is Attraction Marketing And How Does It Work?

what is attraction marketing formula

One of the more popular forms of internet marketing today is most undoubtedly that of attraction marketing. But many people are wondering; what is attraction marketing, and how does it work? The belief is that this form of marketing is somehow different and spectacular, and therefore it has to be some form of secret.
In reality though, it is just some fancy name given to a concept which has stood the test of time with regards to any form of business marketing.
In this article we are going to go over the basics of attraction marketing, so that you can use this method and join the many others who are profiting from this technique.
The key to attraction marketing can be found in its name; 'attraction'.
When you choose to market something, you have a few options available to you. You can simply throw up a cheaply made single page website, pay loads of cash on advertising, and you will make money simply because you are willing to spend it. However, how often will these people become repeat customers for you?
In order to make the product you are working with attractive, you really have to know more about it; you must become an expert.
Sure you can market anything if you have the cash, but if you actually buy the product, spend some time with it, and learn as much as possible about it and its features, then you can in fact make the product more attractive.
At the same time, you will also need to make yourself more attractive. No, we are not talking about going out for a complete make-over and wardrobe change, but rather making your online-self more knowledgeable about the product. It is much like killing two birds with a single stone.
Simply by researching the product you are marketing, you become knowledgeable; you become an expert, and as such can make the product appear more attractive in the process.
Now that you have the attraction part down, next is to move on to the actual marketing. You really do not want one of those annoying webpages that takes someone an hour just to read; they will leave long before they ever get to the bottom.
If the site you are building is focused on that particular product, then make it about that product. The marketing-stage involves attracting visitors which can either be through your personal network or any other means. But regardless of where the traffic is coming from, you have to be that expert, so people know that when they reach your website, they will get the information they are looking for. This means that not only do you need to appear as an expert on your website, but also anywhere else you are making use of for your marketing; even if that includes setting up new article directory accounts specifically for that product.


What Is A Marketing Communication Plan?

Marketing communications is the art of understanding various forms of marketing and advertising mediums, and using it to communicate a message to your potential clients or customers. Also known as MarCon or Integrated Marketing Communications (ICM), marketing communications is the ability to gather and assess information to gain insight into the wants and needs of a specific target market.
Then, using that gathered information, constructing and communicating messages that would affect the target audience most effectively would be the next step.

Essentially, marketing communications strategies are a most powerful form of persuasion. Using various media forms, including press releases and other media advertising, Internet marketing and Google ads among other forms of marketing and advertising, to send a message to consumers is a complex, but powerful way to promote a product, business or service, not to mention bolstering your reputation at the same time, if used in the right way.

Using the good qualities of an organisation or changing the bad, and then portraying that organisation in a favorable light can help sway the public opinion about any organisation.
Using marketing communications is the best way to complete this task. Using the demographics of a target audience and constructing your marketing and advertising efforts to reflect what the public wants to see can instantly make or break an organisation.

The ability to determine what the consumer or the public wants from a product or service is a powerful one. Not only can those who work in the field of marketing communications study the preferences and behavior of the consumers and understand what they want, but the specialists know why they want to see and hear specific traits of a product.
Combining these statistics with the usual demographics gathered, the marketing communications worker could easily determine what the public needs to hear or see for a product to sell.

After determining this information, the marketing communications specialist creates a specific message for the target audience to hear, that will portray the product in the exact way the public needs to see it, therefore swaying the public opinion of the product and persuading them to purchase the product or service.

History denotes that Sigmund Freud initially determined how to go about the task of swaying the public opinion. The original marketing techniques targeted homemakers who were more apt to watching television during the day.

The "specialists" of that era, using cues from Freud, constructed subliminal messages into television advertisements that essentially told the women what they wanted to purchase; they just had to have the product. For example, Ford automobiles and cigarettes were heavily targeted at women on the 1950's in this manner, using Freud's techniques.

Marketing communications has come a long way since the 1950's. More recently, the marketing communications specialists can simply watch what a person does on the internet or how he/she responds to certain questions, and use that information to determine how best to target them and with what kind of message to send.

To your success,
Jonny Tyson

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