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REFLEX Cloud Mining Review + 30 RFX for FREE - Not A Scam!

REFLEX Cloud Mining Review Code

This is my personal review of the Reflex Cloud Mining App.
Before I begin, please be sure to use the following Referral Code for 30 RFX for free (case sensitive): 4iq8l

I have been using this app on my mobile phone for about a month now, and am happy to say that I have already made a successful withdrawal. So, regarding the legitimacy of this app; I am happy to state that The Reflex Cloud Mining App is NOT a SCAM and is completely legit.

The Reflex company claim that;
Everything you do on the internet has a reflected value, and we give it back to you as a reward.

Reflex Cloud Mining App Features:

This app allows you to mine Reflex Cryptocurrency directly from their hosted cloud servers, from any mobile device without consuming any energy.


Mine Boosting:

This feature gives you 2X more RFX from your mining activity for 5 hours.


Mine Extending:

With this option, you can choose to extend your mining-time to 8 hours and earn RFX in background without the need to start the miner manually.


Daily Contests:

The top 3 users that earn the most RFX every 24 hours get special prizes.


Referral System:

By inviting others to join both of you get 30 RFX for free and a PERMANENT increase in your mining speed.



As I stated earlier in this article; payouts are completely official and fast.
When you reach the minimum amount, which is only 500 RFX (should only take 5-10 days to reach), you can request a payout to your personal crypto Account.

Final Words:

If you decide to download this app and start mining, when you signup please consider using my code below, because you will instantly receive 30 RFX for free, as well as a PERMANENT increase in your cloud mining speed!


REFLEX CLOUD MINING APP CODE (copy exactly): "4iq8l"

Thanks for reading and happy mining! :-)
Jonny Tyson

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