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REFLEX Cloud Mining App Review (Updated: March 2021 With Proof Of Payment) + Code For 30 RFX | Plus Other Earning Apps

REFLEX Cloud Mining Review Code

This is my personal review of the Reflex Cloud Mining App.
Before I begin, please be sure to use the following Referral Code for 30 RFX for free (case sensitive): 4iq8l
I have been using this app on my mobile phone for about a month now, and am happy to say that I have already made a successful withdrawal. So, regarding the legitimacy of this app; I am happy to state that The Reflex Cloud Mining App is NOT a SCAM and is completely legit.

The Reflex company claim that;
Everything you do on the internet has a reflected value, and we give it back to you as a reward.

Reflex Cloud Mining App Features:

This app allows you to mine Reflex Cryptocurrency directly from their hosted cloud servers, from any mobile device without consuming any energy from your side.

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UPDATE: 26/02/2021

So, I have been using this app for many months since this original review and thought I would give a bit of an update.
There has been an increase in the minimum payout amount with Reflex, and that currently sits at 2000 RFX. Now, even though they have increased the minimum payout amount, they have also vastly improved the app itself and its features since my original review.
One of the most noticeable improvements they have made, I am sure due to numerous complaints regarding this issue, is the actual stability of the mining feature itself. Not only have they increased the length of time that the app mines for you between each re-activation to approximately 3 hour periods, but they have also fixed the issue of the mining stopping every time you close the app or your phone. If your app closes or crashes for any reason, the mining will still continue and be updated when you re-open the app.

As mentioned above, even if your screen closes, the app continues to mine, but I have noticed the mining speed becomes slower when the app isn't open.
So, I strongly suggest changing your phone 'sleep settings' or similar so that your phone doesn't close the screen at all. You should be able to do this easily by going to your phone display settings and finding the option to keep your phone 'active'.

Proof Of Payment

Reflex Cloud Mining App Proof Of PaymentReflex Cloud Mining App Proof Of Payment

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Mine Boosting:

This feature gives you 2X more RFX from your mining activity for 5 hours.


Mine Extending:

With this option, you can choose to extend your mining-time to 8 hours and earn RFX in background without the need to start the miner manually.


Daily Contests:

The top 3 users that earn the most RFX every 24 hours get special prizes.


Referral System:

By inviting others to join both of you get 30 RFX for free and a PERMANENT increase in your mining speed.



As I stated earlier in this article; payouts are completely official and fast.
When you reach the minimum amount, which is only 500 RFX (should only take 5-10 days to reach), you can request a payout to your personal crypto Account.
* Payout minimum is now 2000 RFX.

Final Words:

If you decide to download this app and start mining, when you signup please consider using my code below, because you will instantly receive 30 RFX for free, as well as a PERMANENT increase in your cloud mining speed!


REFLEX CLOUD MINING APP CODE (copy exactly): "4iq8l"

Want to earn MORE Crypto from your Phone?

Phoneum Mining App Review
Then I strongly suggest adding The Phoneum Mining App to your arsenal!
The Phoneum Mining App is perfect for those that can't keep checking on their phone. You set it to mine, and then you don't need to check-in on the app for around 3-4 days!

Make MORE Money From Your Phone & PC

While running the Reflex App, I also earn around $25/Month simply by running The HoneyGain App in the background as well!
Once you start the HoneyGain App, it continues to run in the background of your Phone and/or PC, earning you daily income.
It is a 100% crowd-sourced network company which enables other businesses to conduct intelligence, market, and business research.
You will earn 0.01 USD (10 credits) for every 100 MB of internet data that you share.
Honeygain uses around 2 GB per day, but it can reach 15 GB per day depending on your internet speed. So, it is completely possible to reach $50 a month, and you can run the app on different devices to increase your earnings.

To your success,
Jonny Tyson

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