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Phoneum Cloud Mining App Review + 200 PHT For Free

Phoneum Cloud Mining App Review

This is my Phoneum Cloud Mining App Review from my experience so far.

What Is The Phoneum Cloud Mining App?

The Phoneum Cloud Earning App (PHT) is designed to deliver a simplified user experience with a platform that enables absolutely anyone, regardless of any technical experience, to participate and profit from the Phoneum crypto currency.
You simply download their free app, and press "Start Earning" to connect!
Their cloud-server handles everything, therefore, once you have started earning, you won't be required to keep your mobile device active or keep the Phoneum App running in the background to earn PHT!

App Features:

  • Earn PHT on autopilot for a 7-day basis
  • Your PHT Balance updates every 5 minutes
  • They now have extend earnings to avoid interruption
  • Average Earning Statistics provided
  • Phoneum Market Statistics
  • PHT/USD Calculator
  • Trade with your Profit through their internal trading program!

My Personal Opinion

The new updated features have improved the app immensely, and has added even more value to this app.
It is very easy to operate and the PHT team are one of the most dedicated I have ever seen in the crypto scene.
They also have some crypto-earning games, this cloud mining app, and even their own crypto-wallet app.
One of their apps even provides a very noble service, which is to help reduce the co2 that affects the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil.I have honestly really enjoyed being apart of the Phoneum experience since its original release, and am looking forward to the new, exciting things the Phoneum team will continue to release.

Finally, please consider downloading the Phoneum Mining App through my link below, and if you do, you will receive 200 PHT for free as soon as you connect!

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