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How I Increased My Website Traffic By 200% In 6 Months!

how to increase website traffic using seo

Organic traffic has always been very appealing to me; considered as a winning and consistent traffic source for any site, with not much effort required to sustain a steady flow of organic traffic. The only thing I dislike about SEO is the complicated aspect of it all. I like to try and keep things as simple as possible.

A few months ago I thought of doing something different, and it changed my opinion towards SEO forever! Back then I had invested a week in writing a lot of guest posts, including many smaller blogs. I decided on my blogs I should pay attention towards some selected pages only. Unbelievable results could be seen only in 6 months; I observed that the traffic had increased by 200%.

Now, when I say "an increase in traffic", I don't mean just a small number, I am talking about going from around 30,000 to 90,000 visitors a month! You would have to agree that it’s a huge leap in 6 months, and it developed from merely 1 week of focus and hard work.

So the focus here is to share the problems I faced and what I learned through out that time. Some of the tips may shock you and some should help you to destroy SEO myths as well.


1. Guest Blogging For SEO Still Works!

Guest blogging is definitely an over-hyped tactic, because in a lot of cases, it is not used in the correct manner for generating traffic.
The soul reason behind this method is to bring in targeted traffic. This tactic alone has given me an easy flow of at least a hundred visitors every week.
From this method, the incoming traffic is not only from blogs, but also directly from search engines. I have learnt that backlink-building is a very smart move, and it has helped me a lot!

Now, here's the part you might find "shocking"; from all of the guest posts I wrote in those 7 days for small blogs, I actually got a lot more visitors than from the guest posts I did on the big blogs! The reason for this is because there was a set strategy involved in that challenge, which was not present while posting for big blogs.

2. Create Link Relevancy

If you are familiar with SEO, you must have heard many times about the importance of link relevancy.

Link relevancy means the links you are generating must be relevant to your service or niche, or else it won’t be of any use. In my case it was not applicable as I was freelancing. The guest blogs I wrote were of different fields like technical, money making and blogging.

So, how this is relevant? The fact is, it is about building bridges within the host blog and yours. For example; if you have a blog on "blogging tips" but want to write on more technical terms, you can mix both areas and write about blogger’s technical problems or applications helpful to them. Likewise you would not only please your readers but the hosts’ as well.

3. Don't Link To Your Homepage

Originally, I only linked to my homepage rather than the other pages on my blog. After 6 months of doing it this way, my search engine results increased exponentially. However, the other pages of my blog weren't getting those same great results.

Many of us make the mistake of only linking our homepage in SEO campaigns. As a whole, this really doesn’t work well at all and will not give you the same results as you would get by linking to specific pages on your blog. Linking to individual pages will guide your blog visitors more specific.

You have to change your strategy from linking from the homepage to the specific page allowing the traffic to be appearing on the homepage on its own.

4. Create Descriptive And Natural-Looking Anchor Text Links

Anchor text basically just means the text which represents link. It is up to you to choose the anchor when you guest post. With the anchor text DON'T appear spammy, e.g. "visit my site or click here" simply won't work, as it doesn’t specify what your site is about, and it looks ugly and chances are; no-one will go near it.
A much more effective way is to make use of more descriptive anchors. That can help your ranking come up naturally and won’t cause any reason to be penalized by "the beast" (Google).

5. This Is Not The End

Today I have given you an example of a good SEO campaign that is capable of giving outstanding results, but it doesn't end there.

Always remember to keep updating your blog(s) on a regular basis. The secret to my increase in traffic mainly came down to regular and updated content.

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