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How To Make Your Blog More Profitable In 2020

how to earn money through blogging

Having a blog is your opportunity to throw your voice into the wind and have it travel around the world. Subjects that you can blog about are virtually unlimited. Describe your kid's first birthday or give away your grandma's secret cake recipe, but don't tell grandma. Your blog can be all about you and your interests or conversely some famous movie star or politician that you are zealously following online. Whatever it's about, after your blog is up, chances are that you are paying ISP and or hosting fees for throwing your powerful voice into the wind. So how about making it pay for its own weight?


A Brief History Of Blogging

Writing diaries and journals has been a popular activity since paper and pen were readily available. So when the internet rolled around, it only made sense that writers put their words on the computer. These diaries or journals weren't called blogs until Joran Barger phrased the term "weblog." It was through a simple joke from a blogger, Peter Merholz that cut weblog into we blog. Other bloggers began picking up the word blog and soon it spread like wildfire.

Bloggers were largely ignored as a force to be reckoned with until a specific televised event had critics up in arms. Some remarks made by 2002 Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, not shown by the media, were heavily criticized by bloggers. In fact bloggers made such a terrific din online about issues that the mainstream media had missed, that it raised a controversy at a national level which wound up with a very wounded and chastised Senator Lott stepping down unhappily from his lofty position.

Senator Lott was not the only victim of his own "fame". The popular news show "60 Minutes" also fell victim to the tenaciousness of the blogger community. News anchor, Dan Rather, was reporting a story about President Bush's military service. Documents presented to backup the story were later discovered to be forged and it was bloggers once again who raised the uproar. As a result, Dan Rather was fired and CBS had to broadcast a somewhat red-faced apology to the public.

Some bloggers have a hard time keeping fresh content in their blogs or other activities come up that steal away their time. When this happens, they often put their blogs along with the domain name up for sale. This is where you can make money without actually having to write a blog. You can buy these lower priced blogs, fix them up a little just like you would for a renovation on an inexpensive house and then resell them for a profit.

Making Money Blogging 2019


The Most Powerful And Dependable Revenue Options For Your Blog

The goal of many advertisers is to get customers to buy their products. To do this, they spend millions on advertising. You can profit from those advertising dollars by allowing those advertisers to place ads on your blog. Ad revenue sites such as Google Adsense, and Adbright can help you start earning ad dollars very quickly. Some think that the trick is to pick ads that fit the blog content, however in reality Google scans your blog and knows what kind of content ads to place there already.

The advantage of having ads is that they can generate residual income. You can leave your blog alone for a few weeks and still have money come in from them. It is not even necessary to move them around occasionally since Google can put video ads, picture ads or just plain text ads on your blog... Thus creating a kind of fresh pictorial content if thats the type of ad that you allow Google to place on your blog.


How To Affiliate Market On Your Blog

Affiliate marketing is one of the most powerful tools for generating income for your blog. Basically, you use your blog to sell someone else's products for a percentage of the sales. Usually, the best products to put nice pretty "affiliate tagged" images of on your blog are those that are related to your blog topic. Your enthusiasm for the related topic will help the product to sell itself to the customers. And as a bonus for helping to keep your blog interesting, you can get great graphics that are not **just pretty pictures**.

Check out places like Clickbank, Commission Junction, and Rakuten Marketing for finding the right related products to put on your blog. There are literally thousands of products that you can earn a commission on. More sales mean more money for you.

The biggest mistake that bloggers sometimes make is to overload the blog with too many products. The content should reflect what you are selling. Consider selling like items in one blog and starting another one for different types of products. Diversify to give yourself the most chance at making money.

Blogging Tips for Beginners


Getting More Traffic To Your Blog

Getting more people to visit your blog is important to generating sales or getting more ad revenue. The more people who visit your site, the more potential for income that you have. Traffic can be directed toward your blog by commenting in other topic related blogs and leaving your own blog address in those. Consider putting your blog address in your signature of your comments in forums and don't be shy to put your blog url/address in your Facebook, Hi5, Orkut or Linkedin accounts for more curiousity-seeking traffic.

MSN and Yahoo are two search engines that appear to put emphasis on indexing blogs which are up-to-date. Reach 100-200 search engines just by submitting your blog posts to a number of ping services. An automatic ping/alert goes out when you update your blog so insure that your blog settings include a number of ping services and not just the standard default This will tremendously ensure that many search engines are immediately made aware that you have a new entry in your blog. Thus you can increase your traffic, with a simple update.

 Automatic URL Ping Service

Making money from your blog is a realistic and achievable goal. It does take some work, elbow-grease and different types of investments to figure out the combination that works best for you. When it does succeed, it's often a pleasant surprise to see small checks coming in continuously. Many of the ideas mentioned above are general commonsense ideas. Some of you may have known about them, and for some there may be just a little new information here. Understand however, that while these are all great ideas, implementing them in exactly the right way to make a ton of money is typically a trial and error process that many of you can relate to.

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