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How To Use Twitter And Backlinks For Link Juice Gold

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Use Twitter To Create Depth In Your Backlinks

Creating backlinks for your website is a great way to generate tons of traffic and up your rankings in the pages of Google and other search engines. A backlink can be described as a direct link to your website from other websites or internet locations. Bloggers essentially use backlinks on their blogs to generate traffic to different sites and location on the internet.
There are many ways that you can develop backlinks through the help of Twitter, and have used daily by many other internet marketers. The best part about using Twitter for your backlinks is that you can do this strategy for free.

There are many ways that you can incorporate backlinks and Twitter.. let's go over a few different ways that you create backlinks by using Twitter, and how they can generate traffic to your website or services..

Keep Your Twitter Backlinks Up-To-Date

Whenever you are using Twitter in your arsenal to generate traffic back to your website, you want to make sure that you create "tweets" with up-to-date backlinks. There is nothing worse than tweeting something and finding out that the included backlink leads to no where.
Make sure that you create different messages along with your backlink, so that it doesn't seem like you are spamming Twitter with the same old message.

Always Share Your Blog Posts

Many online marketers have found that sharing their blog posts with their followers is a great way to generate traffic to their websites and services. Make sure that when you tweet about your recent blog post, that you create a unique message that will attract eyes, and then give them the direct link to your blog post.
By sending your followers to your blog posts, they will then be able to look at your blog and potentially click on your backlink to your website or service. So you always want to make sure that you have your backlinks ready and available on your blog.

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Creating The Ideal Tweet In 140 Words Or Less

Tell Them About Your Articles

You can also incorporate article marketing with your Twitter page. How? Easy. Just simply "Tweet" when you have a new article on your blog or with a specific article directory. Remember that your followers love finding out new information, ideas, advice, etc. when it comes to their interests. So your main goal needs to be creating detailed and informative articles and then providing a backlink to your website or services.

Encourage "Re-Tweeting"

Some of the most powerful forms of driving traffic to your site through the use of backlinks using Twitter is to encourage your followers to "re-tweet" your post. You'd be surprised at how many of your followers will actually follow your encouragement and re-tweet your post where their followers can see the post again.
Many bloggers simply make a post including their backlink to wherever you want your followers to go and then at the bottom of the post they write: "PLS RT", meaning 'please re-tweet'. This is a common tactic that numerous marketers have found to be very beneficial to getting targeted visitors to wherever it is the backlink is sending their follower.

Provide "Other Followers" Backlinks

There is nothing more that other marketers and followers like than for other related niche marketers to provide backlinks to their website or services.
Think about it this way... wouldn't you yourself be happy if you knew that 5 of your Twitter followers provided posts with your website backlink or blog post backlink?
.. Hell yeah, you would! :-)
This will not only boost your popularity among your field or niche that you are in, but will also help you gain relationships with others, where you both can work together hand-in-hand. The best part of course about doing this particular technique is that you are able to reach out to other followers that might not have been following you before.
As we all know; no one person will have the same exact followers no matter what niche you are in... so having the ability to get your backlink noticed by someone not already following you can prove to be a great way to generate potential new customers, as well as followers that may grow to like and trust you and in-turn become a potential customer for the future.

Link Twitter To Every Aspect of Your Marketing Tactics

As we all know, more and more websites, businesses, and organizations are tapping into the social networking craze as well. You can literally link anything on the internet today with Twitter. For example, let's say you find a website that has a "Tweet This" button applied. When you press the button, you automatically "Tweet" it to your followers to check it out.
And there is no reason what so ever that you shouldn't do the same. Especially providing this tool on your website as well; that way when others come to visit your site they can then give their followers a backlink to your site, and it will be instantly tweeted to their current followers. This is a great tool to use that takes little effort on your part but in-turn will generate tons of popularity to your website!

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There are many ways that you can incorporate backlinks and Twitter together. Make sure that you research to find out what best helps you with your efforts of receiving traffic from your backlinks using Twitter.
Remember that there are always new things being added to social media sites everyday, so keep-up with the latest technology and incorporate it into your traffic generating arsenal!

To your success,
Jonny Tyson

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