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5 Dirty Rules That Make A Successful Affiliate Marketer


What are the rules for affiliate marketing? Do you know how to launch a successful affiliate marketing campaign? What is the real purpose of affiliate marketing? Is it promotion? Is it sales generation?
If you want to find out how successful affiliates play the game called 'affiliate marketing', you need to look at them more closely. There are "dirty rules" that they know well about affiliate marketing, which can significantly boost their success. Only successful affiliates know about these dirty rules.

Here Are The 5 Dirty Affiliate Marketing Rules Only Successful Affiliates Follow:

1. People Don't Buy On Their First Visit To A Sales Page

What does that mean? It means that in each of your affiliate promotions, you should not send people directly to your affiliate link. This will apply in any of your promotion methods; PPC, banner advertising, media buying, free traffic method, and so on.
People simply do not make purchases the first time they see a product. They need some time to think before they arrive at their buying decision.
Knowing this rule, you should send people to your website or 'landing page' instead of sending them directly to your merchant sales page.

2. Some Keywords Really Have Magic Buying Power

Not all keywords are created equal. There are some keywords that will instantly bring sales to you. And then there are keywords that no matter how hard you promote on those keywords, they won't bring any sales to you. Super affiliates know this. They do diligent keyword research and only use keywords that will bring them maximum profits. They target "buying keywords" more than they target informational keywords. It's a difference between success and failure.

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3. Building A Mailing List Means Collecting Gold

Only successful affiliates know the utmost importance of a mailing list. A mailing list will allow them to 'print money' at will. Some crazy affiliates can even generate $10,000+ of affiliate commissions just by sending one single email to their list!
Do you have a list? Do you consider it as an important asset in your business? If not, that's why you're still where you're at right now.
Building a list is something that you have to do to become a successful affiliate.

4. Decent Copywriting Skills Is The Difference Between Affiliates & Super Affiliates

The core element of affiliate marketing is really copywriting. If you can't master this core skill, you will not be able to generate regular sales in your promotions.
Many affiliates don't even know about copywriting; "What the hell is copywriting?" they might ask. Copywriting is a skill that you must master as an affiliate. No matter what, you must practice this skill in order to become a successful super affiliate.
Where to starts?..
I have covered some basics of a successful copywritig in this earlier article: 'The 4 Main Skills Of A Successful Copywriter'.

5. It's Easier To Support Someones Viewpoint Than It Is To Change Their Mind

Promoting products that are supporting people's viewpoint will give you even more sales. Products that will only oppose people's mind will tend to have low sales.
For instance, people are lazy to lose weight the hard way. They're lazy to do the necessary actions that will shrink their belly fat. If you promote fitness equipment to them, then of course you will hardly get any sales. But, if you promote some magical weight loss pills to this crowd, it is far more likely you will make a lot more sales in your promotion.

Observe these dirty affiliate marketing rules above, put them into practice everyday, and you will succeed in affiliate marketing.

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To your success,
Jonny Tyson

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