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3 Niche Marketing Ideas To Level The Playing Field With Larger Competitors


niche market competition

Competition can be an ordeal, but this strategy increases appeal.
Having the right niche plan and doing all you can will help level the playing field.

Market niche ideas continue to grow in demand. Why? Because the slow economy is forcing more companies to look to creative ideas instead of cash and credit to start their business or expand sales. A marketplace that grows more crowded is also a motivation for more businesses to find that void they can fill with their niche product or service.
But when faced with larger and more established competition, having a niche takes on an even larger importance. Why? Because that's the only factor that can level the playing field when faced with a larger competitor whose better financed and more established.
Funding is also harder to come by in a tight economy. So, this calls for the need to find more creative ideas in the place of cash for more companies who wish to survive.

Here's 3 Simple But Powerful Ways to Level The Playing Field With a Market Niche

1. Find A Way To Do What Larger Competitors Find Unprofitable To Do.

If you're a small company this is the perfect way to use your "smallness" to your advantage. Larger companies overlook many market niche opportunities. Why? Simply because they won't support their huge overhead, operating and labor cost, not because they're not a good idea. What's unprofitable for them may be profitable for you. Research is often all that's required.

2. Find What Larger Competitors Hate To Do and Find A Way To Do It.

This is another simple but powerful way to level the playing field with larger competitors. The key here is simply finding what your competition hates to do and fill that customer gap by doing it. For example, is your competition closed on week-ends? Then open on week-ends. Do they offer in-home services or home deliveries? If not, then consider offering it to your customers. Are there holes in your competitors internet marketing efforts? Fill it. Get the point. In other words; find the small chinks in the armor of your competition and profit from it.

3. Find Competitors Service Weaknesses

One of the advantages smaller companies have over larger ones is providing more personal service. The key is finding what personal service your target customers require. Most larger companies often have no choice but to try and be all things to all people. Impersonal service, assembly line, or cookie-cutter service is often the definition of mega sized companies. Smaller companies can use this to their advantage by providing more customized and personalized services. This is a powerful market niche many smaller companies overlook or neglect.
Again, this requires research. Not all businesses have a customer base that requires a high degree of personal service. Montgomery Wards, Sears and J.C Penny made this mistake when Wal-Mart caught them off guard. But the reward for finding this sweet spot or service gap is to level the playing field with larger competitors.

To your success,
Jonny Tyson

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