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How To Use Tumblr As A Backlink Building Tool

Tumblr backlinks SEO

Tumblr is a great and popular blogging resource that many businesses are not taking advantage of. Most users of Tumblr are between the ages of fourteen and twenty-four, leaving the website largely unacknowledged by adults or businesses, until recently.
The truth is, Tumblr is perhaps the best-kept link-building secret on the web today. Using Tumblr to promote your business will open up a brand new resource for you to increase or practice your search engine optimization techniques.
To learn more about this amazing gold mine, read on and find out what you have been missing out on.

What Is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a free blogging site, that is also currently free of advertisements. The lack of advertisements may be what has been keeping businesses away. However, this very same thing is something that makes it so popular with consumers.
The majority of Tumblr's users are between the ages of fourteen to twenty-four, however, in recent years more and more adults have been signing up for the service.
Despite the lack of advertisements, businesses, especially small businesses, will find it very easy to promote their business on Tumblr. Tumblr has a user-friendly interface that makes it very easy to create a blog post. Blog posts can be traditional blog posts, links, images, videos, or audio posts. These posts can be submitted on the web, or via email, text message, or even phone calls.
Additionally, Tumblr posts can be syndicated to post on a user's Facebook page at the time of the posting. It is very easy to reblog or "heart" Tumblr posts with just the click of a button. As such, a piece of content on Tumblr is often reblogged by hundreds of people over the course of just hours.
Tumblr is all about building connections, and linking back to the original blog in each reblog.

Making Tumblr Work For Your Online Business

Building a presence for your online business on Tumblr will not only open the growing world of the blogging site to you, but it will also help to increase your rating in search rankings.
Google recognizes Tumblr as a very valuable site, and often lists many Tumblr blogs in top search rankings. Keep in mind that while Tumblr is very user-friendly, and a favorite of many consumers, it is not traditionally designed for a business presence. This explains the lack of advertisements on Tumblr. It is not a place for large corporations to advertise, but it is a great place for small businesses.

Going Local On Tumblr

Many Tumblr users participate in the "go local" trend, and already blog about their favorite small businesses. You can make this atmosphere work for you. Create a blog that focuses on you, the owner of a small business. In your blog, share the trials and tribulations of running your business, as well as photos and links relating to your business.
The goal is to make your blog appear as a simple attempt to communicate with consumers instead of an ad. Remember, part of the reason that many people use Tumblr is to avoid the ads they see on other popular blogging sites. Also, remember to syndicate your Tumblr to the Facebook page for your business; this will draw users from your Facebook page to your Tumblr, helping you create a follower base.
If you succeed in creating a genuine blog, it will result in plenty of reblogs by fellow Tumblr users. In addition, your use of links, as well as the reblogs of these links, will lead to a higher ranking for your page on Google.

More Link Building Tips

To optimize your link building practices on Tumblr, there are a few more tips you can follow. If you already have a blog, you can change the settings in Tumblr so that it redirects users to your current blog. This will promote your current blog to Tumblr users, who may have otherwise not interacted with it.
Additionally, instead of just sitting around and waiting for people to follow you, reblog your posts, or "heart" your posts; you must take an active role in the Tumblr community.
Start searching for Tumblr blogs that post content related to your business. Then, follow these blogs, reblog some of their posts, and "heart" some of their posts. Each time you follow a blog, reblog a post, or "heart" a post, it will build a link.
Additionally, when you follow or interact with a Tumblr user, they are more likely to follow you back and interact with you, building more links.

The Tumblr Sidebar

While Tumblr does not have ads, popular posts are often displayed on the side of the page, for all users to see. If you manage to have one of your posts displayed on the sidebar, you will likely gain thousands of followers from that one single post.
A personal blog, "That Kind of Woman", experienced this growth. What started out as a personal blog for a girl named Kat is now a recognizable brand. Kat now has a Facebook page devoted to her Tumblr with many likes.
She has also been asked to model for clothing companies, due to the popularity of her "What I'm Wearing Today" and "Street-Style" posts.
If a personal blog can gain so much popularity from the site, your business is sure to find success with this service.

To your success,
Jonny Tyson

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