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5 Facebook Fan Page Secrets: How To Do It Like A Pro!

how to create a facebook fan page 2020

Unless you look like Angelina Jolie or you are the President of the United States, you will need to exert some effort to grow your Facebook audience.
I could dangle some shiny promise in front of your face to help you get 10,000 new Facebook fans in 1 week or less, but we both know that is not realistic. I am a small business marketer just like you and I know what it takes to make things happen.
That doesn't mean we can't learn anything from the pros, though. And when I say "pros", I am not talking about Macy's or Oprah. Large corporations have LARGE budgets and celebrities garner Facebook stardom simply because they are celebrities.

I am talking about good old fashioned, hard-working small business owners and solopreneurs who need some assistance growing their Facebook presence.

Here Are Some Major Keys To Fan Page Success:

1. Facebook Advertisements

I know you probably only want to hear about free methods, but unfortunately you get what you pay for. Facebook ads are one of the easiest ways to acquire the largest number of fans in the shortest period of time. Don't use ads just to get people to "like" your Page only though. Although this is a worthwhile effort, it may not give you the return on investment you desire.
Use Facebook ads to showcase a discount, webinar, or a free product as a reward for a fan subscribing to your email list. Display a tangible benefit and pay attention to whom you are targeting with your ads.

2. Share Influencer's Content

An "influencer" is someone who has achieved leadership status in a particular industry. It is the person with more than 10,000 Facebook fans, the author of the newest book, or the "star" blogger.
Frequently engage with influencer’s Facebook Pages, but don't be a stalker! If you can get some influencer's to like your page, you will grow at a faster rate.
For example, one of my clients was "liked" by a large community on Facebook, and this Page owner decided to share one of her valuable posts. She received a good number of new likes from that one share!
Choose one or two industry leaders and familiarize yourself with their business and lifestyle. Read their books, comment on their blogs and Facebook Pages, share their posts and become a loyal fan.
Over time, you will develop a relationship with this person and you will notice that the people who follow this person will also take a liking to you.

3. Post As Your Business Name

Whenever you interact with potential leads or on other Facebook Pages, use your Page name. Don't use this strategy to spam, but occasionally answer posts with helpful answers. People who "like" the Page will see your comment and visit your page, and hopefully "like" yours too.

4. Engage, Engage, Engage

Are you as sick of hearing the word "engage" as much as I am? You are not stupid - of course you want to engage, but how do you do it if you have no fans to engage with? Don't underestimate what you can do outside of Facebook to build your Page status and get new fans. A large percentage of Facebook success stories became a success because of their existing large following via their blogs, email lists and products.

5. Off-Facebook Marketing Tactics

We see so many articles on how to grow popular fan pages, but sadly many of them only discuss Facebook-related activities. Facebook growth is not limited to strategies implemented directly on Facebook.
You must get your business out there on the web so people can know you exist. If you offer valuable information, once people discover you, they will want to follow you wherever you are. I have first-hand experience with this. A lot of my traffic comes from guest-blogging, and that is just one avenue businesses can use. In addition, consider keyword-specific press releases, email marketing, and business blogging.

Here are some tips to remember. They will help you build your online social presence:

Give More Than Expected

Exceed your customers/clients expectations - Whatever you do online, whether it be a blog post or SEO client work, go above and beyond the call of duty.

Prioritize Your Audience, Not Your Bank Account

There are many times when I turned down an account because I felt the potential client would be better served going in another direction. I could have easily taken the work and made money on the lead, but I prioritized the success of my client.
This attitude will not get you instant profits but it will lead to a positive reputation which contributes to sustained, long-term success wherever you are online. And it also contributes to Facebook success because the clients are so pleased, they want to get more acquainted with you on social media sites.

Creativity - Think Outside Of The Box

What can you do to create "buzz" outside of your Facebook page to lead more people to become fans? We all know about contests and promotions but there are many more ways.

Here is an example of a business that used "Off-Facebook" activities to grow its Facebook page:

Project Eve started a blog site and was looking for guest contributors. They created a huge buzz around their site by posting their guest blog opportunities all over job sites. They responded to entries with a heartfelt message and an invitation to join their Facebook community. They established a successful Facebook Page and went from 0 fans to over 700 in only a few weeks without advertising!

Do you have any more Facebook fan page marketing tips?
If so, please leave them in the comment section below.

To your success,
Jonny Tyson

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