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8 Ways To SLOWLY Succeed In Network Marketing (Slow And Steady Wins The Race)

how to succeed in network marketing online

The common perception of MLM my many is that the hierarchical structure of network marketing looks like a pyramid scheme. And while pyramid schemes are illegal, to equate this to network marketing is simply not fair. The way a company is structured does not decide the organization's legality. If this was the case, all the federal government would be like a pyramid scheme.
The right kind of network marketing is legal, since it entails marketing a product and the volume of products sold is what determines just how much money the company (and consequently the distributor) makes.
In order to succeed with a network marketing online business, you need to know what you're getting into and have an idea of how much work it will entail to meet your goals. It may take a while, but starting slowly but surely will build a much higher success rate than just plunging in head first without prior thought whatsoever.

1. Research The Company That Is Recruiting You Or You Plan On Joining

Since more than 90% of network marketing companies fail within a span of 2 years, it is very important to avoid untested companies. But, don't worry, there are plenty of legit companies to choose from, you just need to know what to look for and what to be wary of.
So, when looking into a prospective network to join, you're better off going with one that has a proven track record. Don't get swayed with the 'sales pitch's' new companies throw at you, saying "as one of the first people in their network, you'll achieve your financial goals in no time" etc.
It's ok to be slow and steady, so long as you know that your network is loyal and active.

2. Your Sponsor Must Be Someone You Respect And Trust

This person will be your trainer and coach. Even if you're part of a good organization that offers good products, if your sponsor is someone you don't necessarily trust, being able to succeed may prove difficult.
Your sponsor is there to take care of you as you help the company grow. If you feel they are recruiting you simply to gain numbers for them-self, then it may be wise to think twice about that venture. Besides, as you plan on building something long-term with this network, you might as well work with someone whom you like.

3. Check To See If You Need To Secure Permits

Although most companies will take care of sales tax and other similar matters, it is only smart to know for sure to be on the safe side.

4. Know Your Product Inside-Out

Upon joining and receiving you networking-kit, you are then part of the network and of the business. So as part of the organization, make sure you know your product(s) and can answer any questions about them. The best way to do this is to simply use them yourself. Get to know all the features, but more importantly; the benefits it brings to the consumers.
The most successful distributors are the ones who know everything about their product(s) and are genuinely excited about them.

5. Listen To Your Sponsor And Upline

They've been in this business longer than you and may know something that you don't at this stage.
The great thing about network marketing is that the plans for success have already been paved. Although, this doesn't mean you can't try out new ways and ideas, but if something works, why not start from that?

6. Develop Your Sales Goals

When starting off with any venture, you always need a set of goals you want to achieve over a specific period of time. This will help you pace yourself on how much effort you need to put in, and it gives you a gauge to measure your work against.

7. Start Your Network By Making A List Of People You Know

If your new company hosts social-style meetings, host an opening that will introduce your business to people.
Be ready to talk to people about your business. As you do your rounds, ask for referrals from clients and friends and if possible, even participate in some trade shows, and handout flyers and/or business cards.

8. Treat Your Business Like A Business

Finally, even if you can work from your home, treat this business as just that - a business. If you go out thinking this is just some hobby, the attitude will reflect in how you are seen by your clients and downline.
Remember, you are running a business backed by a reputable corporation, so feel confident about this and that attitude will take you further.

While some will inevitably go for the get-rich-quick schemes, chances are that these scams will explode in their faces at the same pace that they went in for it.
Going slow may seem like a lot of work but it's the smarter way to go. In time, as you build on your network and look after your downline, as well as your clients, the benefits that network marketing brings will come to you with greater satisfaction.

To your success,
Jonny Tyson

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