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How To Generate MLM Leads Online With Paid Strategies

generate mlm leads online

If you have more money than time then you may want to use some paid methods to generate leads online. It would be impossible to include all the paid ways to market in this article, because there are literally hundreds if not thousands of ways to market.
I will give a few of the most popular paid methods, and a brief overview of each one, along with some advantages and disadvantages of each.

Just to clarify a little; there is a huge difference here between buying leads and using paid marketing to get leads. If you buy leads, you get a number of random people. However, if you are using paid marketing to create leads then people are voluntarily giving you their contact information.

Many of the paid ways to market rotate around Pay-Per-Click or PPC. These are simply advertisements that are in search engine results and many websites throughout the internet. Each time a person clicks on your PPC ad, then you pay for that click.
The most popular places to find PPC opportunities are on most of the major search engines and social media sites.
The competition on the keywords determines the cost of each click. If many people want their ad to appear on the same keyword, the cost per click will be very expensive. The opposite is also true though; if the competition on a keyword is low, the cost per click will be less expensive.

One of the top marketers today, Mike Dillard has said many times that if he had to start over the first thing he would do is learn 'copywriting' and then start learning PPC. It is very powerful and one of the favorite marketing strategies of many marketers.
However, there can be a steep learning curves, and you can easily lose a lot of money at first. You need patience and the correct PPC training to learn this strategy to generate leads on auto-pilot everyday.
One of my favorite marketing strategies to generate leads online is the use of "list-builders". These are websites like 'ViralURL', 'ListJoe', and 'List Bonus'. All of these are free to join, but to get the most out of them, they have amazing paid premium services. This is usually a one time offer you get when you first join.
Then every 1-3 days or so, you can send an e-mail to a number of their members (generally 3,000+, but some are more and some are less). The 3 list-building systems I have listed above have been around for years and have gained thousands of loyal members in that time.
The great thing about 'list-builders' is that they are very easy to use and won't take up too much of your time. All you have to do is remember to send out the e-mails every few days. If an e-mail does not do that well, this gives you the opportunity to either tweek your email or even change your offer.
Of course, if you choose paid options with these list-builders this whole process can be automated, and you will also have a much larger audience to your marketing opportunity.
Every list-builder also offers an affiliate program, so you can get paid by promoting the list-builder to others. Referral commissions vary between the different systems, but all of these pay handsomely!

The next paid strategy is very similar to list-builders, but you pay for each e-mail you send out. These are solo-ads in ezines.
Ezines are newsletters that people receive through their e-mails. Many of the editors for their online newsletters sell solo-ads. When you buy a solo-ad, the editor will send it to everyone who receives their ezine.
Since ezines are of different sizes, you could have your ad going out to as little as a few hundred to 100,000's of people. The prices vary also. You can expect to pay anything from $20 to well over $1000.
The great thing about solo-ads is that it is going out to a lot of people. These ads stand alone. There are ads you can buy in the newsletter, but you are competing with other ads and the newsletter itself. Many have gotten amazing results using ezines, generating 1000's of leads in one day and making a lot of sales in the process, all from mailing out a simple e-mail.
Ezines can be very difficult to find. The best resource to find ezine websites is to become a member of Directory of EzinesYou can also use Google and search for ezines.
There will always be a waiting period before your ad runs. This can be a good sign of a quality-drive ezine, because they may have several weeks to months of a waiting list.
The most challenging part is to find a responsive ezine. It is best to sign up for one yourself and take a look at the other solo-ads that are being bought. Then contact the owner and talk to them before making your final decision.
The real test comes when your solo-ad goes out. If you get great results, you will want to continue to use this ezine. If the results are lacking then mark that ezine off and go find another.

To get the best results from all of these strategies you may want to improve your copywriting skills or hire a copywriter and test, test, and more testing. Soon you will be generating online leads every day!

To your success,
Jonny Tyson

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