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How To Find Legitimate Work-From-Home Jobs With NO Startup Fee In 2020

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In today's economy, who isn't trying to save some money?
Now imagine saving while earning. This is what 'no fee' work-at-home businesses let you do. With these opportunities you get the chance to potentially make a lot of money without spending any upfront. Allow me to explain further.

First of all, I want you to move your eyes back up to the word: "upfront". It is important that you understand what exactly no fee work at home businesses are.
It doesn't actually mean that you will never spend any money, it just simply means that starting your business won't cost you anything.

This is huge! Where else can you start a potentially successful business for nothing online? Everywhere else you are charged something or another. There's either renting space, buying a franchise, investing in a company, or creating a product.
In some ways, to start most businesses, there is a fee. And this is why so many have to give up their small business dreams. They just can't afford the start up costs. But we can all afford $O.

No fee work at home businesses let people take the first step to running a business and becoming an entrepreneur. Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to do this.
I won't go into a long spiel as to what affiliate marketing is, as there are countless articles and ebooks explaining it in detail here on Vast Online Traffic (just use the 'search' bar).
So, the short version is affiliate marketing lets you promote other people's products and earn a commission for it.

You do not have to create a product, promotional material, or a giant webstore. That's all generally taken care of by the vendor/product creator, without the cost of a fee to the affiliate.
Virtually all affiliate programs are free. Making it the most popular no fee work at home business model.

You will be hard pressed to find a webmaster who doesn't like affiliate programs, because nearly all businesses do it in some way or another.
Even giants like Facebook and eBay. I say, if it's good enough for the largest auction site in the world, it's good enough for me.

Blogging is another great no fee work at home business model.
There are several companies like that offer people the opportunity to create and operate a blog for free.
On your blog you can place your affiliate banners and text-links etc. Eventually, you can take your earnings from your little start-up and purchase a web domain or set up your own affiliate program.
In this market, anything for free is a nice alternative. No fee work at home businesses like affiliate marketing and free blogs let you start making money without spending any on upfront fees.

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2 Smoking Ways To Get A No Fee Work At Home Business

Setting up an online business is one of the smartest ways to combat the current recession and quarantine rules that have be brought on by the Coronavirus. And with no fee work at home programs all over the internet, one is not short on options.

Below you'll see how to set-up a No Fee Work At Home Business in 2 simple steps.

1. Choose An Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are free and you can find one in virtually any industry. Decide on an industry ie fashion, weight loss, working from home, then choose an affiliate program in that industry.
You can find great affiliate programs on and

Be sure to search for reviews and to find out what your competition is like. You do not want to join an affiliate program that is over saturated. This will mean selling will be difficult on your part. And of course do not join any program that has too many bad reviews.
Although it is good to go for programs that offer high commissions, this can also mean that the product or service is a hard sell. It may be expensive, out-dated, or simply a bad product. This isn't the case for all high-commission programs though, but be analytical and test the product or service out yourself.

Once you find an affiliate program you feel comfortable promoting, move on to step 2.

2. Get A Free Blog

You will need a basic blog/website to place your affiliate program's advertisements on.
To avoid paying for a domain, sign-up for a free blog on or
There are other sites (use Google) but the two I have mentioned are the most popular and simple to set-up.
Now, when choosing a template try to pick something simple. This way your website design won't cause a distraction from the banners and text-links. After all, the overall goal is to get people to click on the ad and purchase on the merchant's site.

If you are struggling to come up with content to help promote the advertisement, write a review for the product. 
This is a great way to soft-sell the affiliate program and it adds content at the same time.
Make sure your review highlights the benefits but points out a few negatives to keep your review honest.

Both the affiliate program and the blog are no fee work at home business options. By following these two steps, you will have taken the first steps to setting up your own no fee work at home business.

To your success,
Jonny Tyson


  1. Hi Jonny! Thanks for sharing a lot of helpful information. There are a few great legitimate work-from-home jobs with no startup fee available, SFI for instance. It is good to remember that even if it is free to join, there is a lot of work to do in order to start earning money from the program. Many people seem to think that all you do is join a free opportunity and money starts magically coming in.

    In my opinion, when it comes to finding a legitimate opportunity, I would go to Internet marketing forums and discussion boards. These are the best places to find other marketers and simply ask what experiences they have about an opportunity.

  2. I completely agree with you Tim!
    Iv been playing the online marketing game for years, and to this day I am still learning new things everyday to keep up with "marketing trends".

    Cheers Tim,


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