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6 Tips For Organizing Your Work At Home Job Leads Online

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If you are anything like me, you use the internet as one of your main resources to find work at home jobs and leads for ways to make money online. One can spend countless hours on the Internet researching and browsing through page after page trying to keep track of contacts and website addresses.
While bookmarking is the logical step in keeping things organized, setting up an account online at Pinterest or StumbleUpon for example, is a great way to have all of your bookmarks in one place.

There could be several reasons why you need to use an online bookmarking system. You utilize the computer at your workplace and have bookmarks stored there or maybe you do not want to store your bookmarks there due to personal reasons, so storing it on StumbleUpon or Pinterest would make it confidential and private. 
Maybe you utilize public computers frequently, such as at your local library or coffee-house. In that case, there is no way to save website addresses unless you copy and paste the URL to a notepad in your email or messenger, but then you still have to transfer everything later on.

Whether you decide to bookmark your work at home leads on your browser's bookmark-bar or social bookmarking sites, you will still need to organize your bookmarks by creating folders.

Here Are 6 Tips For Organizing Your Work At Home Job Leads Online.
Simply make a new folder for each of these topics and then file the websites accordingly.

1. Websites You Want To Work For

Create a folder that has all of the websites that you want to work or apply for. This way you can differentiate the legitimate leads from the ones you haven't checked out yet.

2. Jobs That You Have Applied For

In this folder category you can store all of the jobs or job leads that you have already applied for. So, if you are applying for telemarketing or at-home customer service for example, you can move the sites you want to work for to this labelled folder (your application may be pending or you may have decided that the job may not be for you).

3. Writing Ideas

If you enjoy writing like me, you are in constant search of ideas for what to write about. Some of my favorite sites to go to for ideas I find directly from searching on Google. From there you can search skim over website article titles to give you ideas for topics to write on.
Also, take a look at the front page of yahoo sometime, as they show the most searched-for and popular topics of the day, from here you should be able to find at least ten or so ideas in which to write about or whom to write about.

4. Telecommute Resources

Websites that help work at home mums and dads succeed in the at home business world are a great tool, and should be utilized at all cost. These websites not only offer hundreds of useful tips, they can also offer leads on other work at home gigs.

5. Work At Home Job Forums

Work at home job forums are a great way for work at home individuals to interact with others in the same situation.
I have personally found several leads online just from engaging in conversations with other online business owners who found a fantastic work at home job or have heard of someone else getting a good gig.
Sometimes posts that aren't even meant to distribute a lead have one. So scour every inch of the different work at home forums that you may come across to find new ideas, contacts and job leads.

6. Work At Home Online Classified Sites

Work at home classified sites such as craigslist are also a good place to find leads to other work at home opportunities. You can create a folder of all of the leads you find or of the home pages of your favorite classified sites. These sites do not have to be just work at home sites, they can be popular newspapers also. You would be surprised at how many newspapers have their classifieds online and how many telecommute positions are available in almost every paper across the country.

Having all of your online folders organized in one place will help cut down on time spent searching for websites that you can't remember the URL to.
Keeping your priorities in task and your work life organized will not only save you time but it will give you more time to devote to working your stay at home job and helping your career grow and prosper.

To your success,
Jonny Tyson

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