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How To Write An Effective Online Press Release

press release writing tips

We come across several press releases dissertation covering a wide range of topics. Right from day to day news to special events, award ceremonies, promotion of new products and services; they typically include a series of topics in it. A press release could otherwise be defined as a statement written targeting media.

Writing an effective press release is very crucial and often a tough nut to crack. 

Here Are A Few Guidelines To Help You Achieve This:

- When writing a press release, make sure that you mention the name of your company in its heading once and at least another time in the body of the release or its first paragraph. The title should be short, sweet and relevant to the subject included in it. The ideal method of creating a press release headline is by including keywords from the release and making a logical and sensible statement out of it. Use of appropriate keywords will not only improve visibility in search engines but will also convey the right message to readers.

- Begin with a date and name of the city in which the press release originated. Ensure that the body of your press release is compact and try to avoid lengthy sentences. Make sure you include all the facts and figures while composing the body.

- An effective press release can be created by elaborating who, what, when, where, why and how i.e. what is the news all about? What is the purpose behind this? One more thing which should be kept in mind while writing a press release is its length. The length in no case should exceed more than three pages.

- Always leave some space to include information about your company. This is vital because when a journalist picks up your press release, there should be something mentioned about the company in the news letter.

- It is imperative that you include additional links that support the information provided.

- If you want to make your press release really worthwhile for journalists to publish, make sure you provide contact details of key personnel. For instance: include the company's official name, concerned person(s), mailing address, telephone number, working hours, email address and website address.

- Craft each release to target a specific media outlet. This information can be acquired from outlet websites.

- Always send your press release via email and avoid using big fonts or multi-colors. Only use PDF files for sending a full media kit with lots of graphics.

- Avoid the use of technical terms or jargon if it's not relevant to the content.

- Do not forget to include a "call-to-action" in your release. This is nothing but detailed information on the action you would like the reader to take after going through your press release. In case you are trying to market a product, do include information related to the place in which the product would be available.

One final word of caution would be to never mention the subject of the email as a 'Newsletter'. Remember editors are overloaded with work and hence they are more likely to read emails with attractive and attention-seeking subject lines.

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Jonny Tyson

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