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2 Of The Easiest Freelance Jobs And Why

easy freelance work online

Freelancing from a historical standpoint was generally confined to the arts and creative professions. You'll find many newer and older professions offering freelancing jobs. Proof Reading and Copywriting are two major examples of old professions that now employ freelancers on an as needed basis worldwide, and the current trend is that other industries/professions will follow suit.

1. Proof Reading Freelance Jobs

Proof reading as a job is fairly skilled in nature, individuals must be competent in the language that they are proof reading in order to effectively correct errors. Quick reading skills are also very important, as proof readers typically have to correct errors on large amounts of content in a short period of time.

Freelance proof readers are sometimes brought in on short notice to cover for full-time staff etc. Companies will typically hire a proof reader upon reviewing or assuming that the individual is capable of carrying out the task at hand.
As a proof reader, you need to have a good attention to detail. The job can be very tedious and time consuming in nature, so you must also be passionate about reading for it to become fulfilling enough for you to make a career of it.

Finding work isn't hard, and you can easily enough find work online, jobs can be found on many freelancing websites that allow for companies and businesses to post jobs online for freelancers to bid on (, and etc.).

Proof readers will typically correct errors such as punctuation, tenses, vocabulary, spelling, sentence structure, typeface, font, spacing, alignment and overall appearance.

Experience is important, and good language skills will not suffice alone - proof readers have to learn to spot errors easily, and need to understand the ways in which special characters can and should be used.
Proof reading becomes easier with experience, and individuals without experience can learn from the many training materials that are available online. Individuals can gain experience by lending their assistance to charities for free as a way of gaining experience that will lead to paid work.

Advertising/marketing your freelancing services is a common way to find work in an increasingly competitive freelancing landscape. Distribution of business cards and flyers to industry professionals can also be very effective.

Having your own website is highly recommended from a marketing and branding perspective, as you can point potential clients to your website in order for them to more easily asses if you are capable of fulfilling their criteria for the job.
Registering your own domain and setting up your own personal website is fairly quick in todays world and can prove very fruitful as your marketing efforts really take off.

If you're good at your job, and can affectively market yourself, you should be able to earn as much as you would earn in a typical full-time job, and in most cases exceed that amount. Some very high level proof reading jobs require a bachelor's degree in English.

2. Copywriting Freelance Jobs

The Internet has dramatically altered the world of communications and business. It has endless amounts of information and has created a multitude of new ways to generate money.
Copywriting is one field that is finding great success on the Internet. Freelance copywriting is attracting more of an audience because the freedom and control it offers. Freelance copywriters are independent minded and have a strong desire to succeed. They mix their own vision with proven copywriting techniques to build a successful business.
Copywriters now look to the Internet in order to gain the creative independence they desire.
Copywriters are merely salespeople behind typewriters. They write the written content in radio commercials, television ads, newspaper cut-outs, direct response mail ads, web content, Internet sales letters, and much more.
Freelance copywriters work for clients on a project-to-project basis. They also get to handpick their assignments and mold their schedules around their lives.
In order to be a successful freelance copywriter you will need an Internet connection and certain skills. There are always new things to learn about marketing, so continue to educate yourself and use online tutorials in order to help you write better copies. You should also write everyday and read books from the experts.

Successful freelance copywriting includes research into your target audience. You need to know what gets their attention and how to reach them. Research is a very important aspect of a successful copywriting business that is often overlooked.
You should also know which market you wish to write for before you start your new career. Some copywriters write for many different markets, where others specialize in one small field like writing specific niche-content.
No matter what you do, you should always a be a little flexible despite how specialized you become.

Here are some more pointers on how to get started as a freelance copywriter:

1. Create A Network

Networking with other copywriters is very important if you truly want to be successful. It gets your name out there and it puts you around people that will stretch your business.
Go to online seminars and meet people. Don't forget your local market as well. Watch for local businesses that might need your help and you can also join your local chamber of commerce to make contact with other businesses.

2. Create Your Portfolio

Your portfolio gives potential clients something to look at while they consider your bid. It builds confidence and helps you win projects.
It should include examples of your best work, a sales letter explaining why you're the best copywriter for the job, and testimonials from past clients.
Make sure it is organized, professional looking, and neat.

3. Grow Your Own Set of Techniques

It is good to have your own set of copywriting techniques to help set you apart from other copywriters, but they have to be effective. Your ability to sell a product will determine your success, and your ability to do it uniquely will propel you to the top.

These were just a few pointers on how to become a successful online freelancer. Hopefully they helped you. Freelance work is an exciting career, so go ahead and do some more research to see if it's right for you!

Please feel free to share your own freelance experiences in the comments.

To your success,
Jonny Tyson

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