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5 Tips For An Effective Pre-Roll Video Marketing Campaign

pre roll video advertising

Pre-roll videos are a great marketing tool. The areas where these types of videos can be inserted are almost limitless. You can see them before an online video or while a game is loading. You can even see them inside applications that you download on your smart phone. It seems like they are popping up all over the place. That's a good thing for marketing professionals because exposure is the name of the game.

5 Tips To Maximizing The Effectiveness Of Your Pre-Roll Video Campaigns

1. Create Internet Specific Ad Spots

When pre-roll videos started appearing on the Internet it was okay to re-purpose video clips from television. Now that viewers are more aware, original clips created specifically for the Internet are the way to go.

2. Pre-Roll Videos Don't Have To Be Video Commercials

Animation videos can also be used. Flash is a good medium for this type of video because it can be produced and changed easily in order to keep the video fresh.

3. Create A Method For The Viewer To Interact With Your Ad

Include a frame at the end so that they can go to a website to find out more if they want. This gives your pre-roll video a means of engaging the potential customer, and provides a direct outlet so that they can learn more about your product and potentially purchase the product that they've just been informed about.

4. Include Trackers In Your Video

This is important so that you can measure the duration most viewers watched your video for, so that you can keep up with the click-throughs. This will give you an idea of when your video might be exceeding frequency caps and is becoming over exposed.

5. Use Targeting Tools Provided By Your Host Network

You can target specific websites where you know that potential customers for your product might be visiting. You can also target specific geographical regions or demographics of potential customers to whom your product might be more attractive. Behavioral targeting is another way of exposing your product to customers that might be in the market for your goods/services, because of their lifestyle or habits.
Specifying what time of day your ad airs is also another useful targeting method. Maybe a group of potential customers might be more prone to view at a specific time during the day.
Targeting tools are an invaluable asset for pre-roll videos.

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Jonny Tyson

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