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5 Golden Rules On Becoming A SUCCESSFUL Affiliate Marketer

how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners

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  • What It Means To Be An Affiliate Marketer
  • 5 Rules Of Internet Marketing
  • How To Become An Affiliate Marketer
  • Best Affilate Programs For Beginners
  • The Best Affiliate Marketing Method For Getting Sales Fast

What It Means To Be An Affiliate Marketer

Being an affiliate means you vouch for a person, product or service. Chances are you have recommended a family member, or friend to a great restaurant, lawyer, doctor, mechanic, and a specific movie. When you did this you didn’t get paid with currency, but your social trust increased (if you gave a good referral). Being an affiliate online has all of the positives of real life referrals with the added bonus of being able to help thousands (a good affiliate referral is one that is needed), make commission for the quality referral, and gaining social influence on a much larger scale than just friends and family.

Let’s also not forget that your reputation is at stake. I had a friend refer me to a mechanic that overcharged and the car “died” a week later (I would be fine with overpaying if it ran!). 

Before we get into specific examples of how you can begin making money as an affiliate online let’s understand these 5 Golden Rules of Affiliate Marketing.


The 5 Rules To Affiliate Marketing


1. Never Promote A Product Or Service That You Do Not Use

Your reputation is all you have. If you are willing to sell your friends or network of like-minded individuals an inferior product, it speak volumes to your personal integrity and you will never recover. Promote enough junk and you’ll be just another “marketer” trying to squeeze $$$'s out of people. I’m sure it’s a dark, lonely road, pushing Viagra products…don’t let it happen to you, unless of course you use, recommend and trust the product. 🙂

2. Be 100% Honest With Your Reviews

A common tactic of Internet Marketers is to use the words "Don’t Buy Before Reading This", or "Is it a Scam?" after a products name. Of course they never had any intention of actually bad mouthing the product. I’m sure you come across some that are legit, but hundreds of searches later, they typically all follow the same formula. Soft bash the service followed by hype, followed by an affiliate link.

3. Add Value To Your Review - Everyone Loves Case Studies!

Testing out services or products helps let others know you aren’t just summarizing what everyone else has already said. Take the time and put a test together of your own. This is the perfect opportunity to create a video of you using the product, or a blog post showing exactly why “X” product is a smart purchase decision. From pajamas to laser guns, we like to see things in action, whether video, images, or text.

4. Promote Recurring Subscription Offers

Getting affiliate sales can be difficult. You should avoid heavily promoting products that are only one time gains in commission. You will be helping someone else grow their members list, and put revenue in their pocket. The least they can do is give you lifetime commissions on all sales from that customer.

5. Expand Your Horizons By Testing New Products And Services

Since you’ll want to follow rule 1, you will inevitably find yourself trying out new things, reading about new product launches, and be more open minded to not only products and services in your “niche”, but also ones outside of it.
There is nothing wrong with having multiple interests. As humans we all have basic needs and wants. As long as you are honest (2) and add value (3), you can give a great recommendation on a pair of sunglasses and a subscription to Netflix without feeling dirty or unfocused.

How To Become An Affiliate Marketer

For most affiliate offers, it requires a basic registration with a username, password and account information (how you get paid), i.e. linking your paypal or credit card information. You’ll then receive special links and banner codes so you get credit for every person that clicks these links/images and makes a sale.

Don’t want to just promote Internet Marketing Related products and services?

No problem, here are some great associate programs for beginners, covering almost every niche and product you can find..


Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners


Amazon Associates Program

amazon associates program review Amazon is by far my favorite. I caught myself shopping online once and telling my son “I trust it because it’s Amazon.” Now of course that statement doesn’t make the most sense, because there are millions of sellers all around the world, but they have so much trust and brand equity that you can leverage. The best thing is people tend to 'add to cart' random things before purchase, which helps increase your earnings. One of the biggest negatives is the 1 day old cookie (I believe), so you don’t have long until the referral doesn’t get credited to you.

I was closing in on $100, passive, in sales each month with Squidoo + Amazon (before we lost Squidoo), using modules that shared the revenue with Squidoo. This meant 4%. If you can send a lot of traffic to Amazon you’ll get rewarded but if you are willing to look for better affiliate deals, you will most likely find them - but will they convert?

Under this network you can promote socks, TV's, jewelry, and just about anything and everything listed on Amazon.

Amazon Associates Official Website

eBay Affiliate Partner Network

eBay is another major brand that people trust. I found in the past, when comparing the eBay program to the Amazon one, more people were purchasing from Amazon than eBay. Unlike Amazon, it’s not as convenient to add to cart, but I have noticed multiple purchase sales.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketplace

clickbank affiliate reviews Clickbank seems to be the preferred place for Internet Marketing Affiliates. They have a wide range of products to promote in multiple niches. You can do some research and find great payout/high converting offers, and even sort them by Recurring commissions.

Warrior Forum Affiliate Deals

Here you can find some high % offerings, but like anything, you need to trust the person/network that you decide to deal with. If you are just getting started, Amazon, eBay and Clickbank offer a more secure payout structure, however bigger $$'s can be made by making a deal with an affiliate manager, and Warrior Forum is a very solid platform for networking.

how does affiliate marketing work for beginners


The Best Affiliate Marketing Method For Getting Sales Fast

Now you should be signed up to an affiliate network and ready to start promoting certain goods and services. Let’s assume you have chosen what to promote. Now the question is how? Well, of course it’s not an easy one, but it’s much simpler than many make it out to be.

Good Offer + Promotion to Targeted Traffic = $$ Sales

Today we are going to stick with the easiest method. We want a built-in audience wherever we promote. In the long-term you want to build a list, establish yourself as an expert in blogging, social media, etc. But we want sales now! It’s much easier to justify hard work when you can have a couple mental victories sprinkled in with your long-term gameplan.

YOUTUBE. Youtube is the now and future. It’s the #2 search engine in the world, it's owned by Google and people love videos. Best of all you can make a video today and see sales by tonight (if it’s a good video). If you look around your home chances are you can find something worth reviewing. Give a detailed, honest review and then in the description; link to your affiliate offer. Use a url hiding/shortening service such as

I hope this article helped!
Jonny Tyson

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