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[METHOD] Get Free Referrals To ANY Mobile App Referral Program

how to get referrals for mobile apps

Ok, so you have logged into the Google Play Store and have decided to do a search for; "mobile apps with good referral programs", or simply "apps that earn money", etc. You browse through a few different apps and read some reviews until you settle on one and download it.
Now you have installed the app, signed-up and started going through the app's earning potential.
At this point, you may start to realize that yes, most of these apps pay for doing surveys, downloading games or in the case of the Honey Gain App; sharing your unused internet data.

The problem that a lot of people come to realize after a while is that the amount you earn on your own generally does not add up to much, which brings me to the subject of getting referral signups to your chosen money-making app.
Most mobile app referral programs will offer decent rewards. Personally, I aim for the apps that provide a certain percentage of my referrals earnings. That way you can gradually build up a continuous passive income through the app's referral program.

One of the biggest problems with getting mobile app signups is that you generally need 'Mobile Traffic'. Now sure, you can go and purchase a mobile traffic package and hope for some signups, but we're talking about getting FREE Referrals. :-)

My Secret To Getting Free Mobile App Referrals

The first thing you need to do to get the ball rolling is to join 1 or 2 social traffic exchange sites that also have an app that can be used to surf other people's advertisements. By joining these type of traffic sites you can basically be guaranteed that a high percentage of other opportunity seekers are viewing YOUR promotion on their mobile device!
Personally, I only use 1 traffic system and that is CashJuice. So I will be using them as my main example today.

What Is CashJuice?

CashJuice is the home of 20,000+ internet marketers who make money "with" and "through" CashJuice. CashJuice has something for everyone. Beginners, intermediates and experts all have a role to play.

The main reason I use CashJuice is because of their 'Post Rotator'. With the post rotator; you simply create a 'status update' containing your advertisement and mobile app referral link/code etc.

You can also add images to make your ad more attention-grabbing.

Another great thing about CashJuice (and really the biggest part of it) is the community! From my experience; all of the members are very supportive and generally will visit what you are promoting. You will even start getting "likes" and "shares" just like the Facebook platform.
I have been using this system for many months now, and have managed to average 1-5 signups almost every day!

I'm not going to go into the details of how to setup an account and start advertising, because CashJuice has an amazing tutorial system, and members that love to connect with newbies and help them out.

Simply Click Here To Join CashJuice and you will be on my personal Friends List. Feel more than free to say hi to me and connect, and I will be more than happy to help get your CashJuice profile out there amongst other members.

Remember, once you have joined, download either the Apple or Android app onto your phone or tablet, login and you'll be able to earn credits. Your credits are then automatically used to promote your post, simple!

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