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The 3 Most Important Stages Of Mobile App Marketing in 2020

mobile app marketing strategy

Coming up with an idea for an app is just the first step. Once an idea is formed, the next phase should be the progression of the app’s formation, integrated with marketing techniques designed to start getting the word out about your new mobile app. Due to the high competition for apps in the Apple and Google Play app stores, one of the main focal points for creating one should revolve around mobile app marketing. While there are no exact road maps to follow when it comes to marketing a mobile app, the following practices can help app creators and marketers cultivate a plan for an app in order to help ensure its future success.


1. Determine Your Target Audience

mobile app target marketThe first steps in a mobile app marketing plan should be determining the app’s audience and what the best techniques to entice and engage that audience are. This is such a crucial component because it helps ensure that any efforts to market an app are not wasted on audiences who are will most likely not be interested in downloading the app.

Determining exactly who the customer’s for a new app are initially, will make any future marketing efforts much more effective.

After the target audience has been concluded, the next part of the process involves studying the audience’s mobile habits and preferences to discover the best possible tactics to inspire engagement.


2. App Store Optimization

mobile app store optimizationMost people think content only needs to be optimized for search engines, but when it comes to mobile app marketing a key technique is optimizing an app for the various app stores. This includes making sure the app description and title have the appropriate keywords to make an app easier for potential users to find.

An app that is properly optimized will come up in the search when relevant keywords are typed in. If an app doesn’t come up, then optimization needs to take place in order to maximize marketing. 

Figure out what keywords are relevant to your new app and be sure to insert them where applicable and naturally, but make sure to avoid keyword stuffing.


3. Get Feedback

customer feedback mobile appThere are multiple ways to get feedback on a new mobile app that will be beneficial to your overall marketing plan. Creators can submit their apps to various sites for review, which increases 'brand awareness' and gets the app in front of more eyes to catch any problems and provide necessary reviews.

Another option is to ask the app’s users for feedback. If more and more positive reviews are accumulated, there will be an even greater chance for further downloads, because people tend to trust what other people have to say.

Building a code in your mobile app that has users rate it can be an extremely valuable addition to a mobile app marketing strategy.

There is much more to a successful app then just an awesome idea. The correct marketing techniques need to be properly implemented over time to ensure that the word is continuously spread about an app, leading to more downloads and even more benefits for a brand and the rest of its digital marketing campaign.

To your success,
Jonny Tyson

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