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3 Easy Steps To Rapid Email Marketing List Building Growth | RECYCLING INTERNET TRAFFIC

list building growth

For years, marketers and internet business owners alike have discovered the challenge of building a large responsive email list within a quick period of time.
Many marketers cried to me saying, “I tried everything possible to build a list, but nothing seems to work! Please help me! Whaa!”

Well, I am tired of hearing all of the cries and I decided to do something about it. But before I do, let me first explain the power and leverage of quality email lists.

A large, responsive email list, in my opinion, is the end to every internet entrepreneur’s marketing problem. If there was one asset that I was required to keep out of all of my online assets and resources, without a shadow of a doubt, I will choose to keep my email lists.

I would be crazy and ignorant not to!

With a high quality email list, I can easily build up every internet marketing asset I lost!
With my email lists, I could send an email and gain a bunch of link partners, and JV partners within a matter of hours. This is the power of a responsive email list….. with it, you can almost do anything! You can leverage your email list to perform multiple tasks for you.

Therefore, if you are not focusing on building your email lists, then you need to drop everything that you are doing right now and start the process of building this powerful asset.

Okay, now that I got that out of the way, let me address the soon-to-be list building experts on my 3 reliable steps for building a large, high quality email list in a short period of time.
And if you are reading this article now, you are what I consider to be a soon-to-be list building expert.


Therefore, take a deep breath, and soak up every word that I am about to tell you.

3 Major List Building Steps:


1. Design A High Converting Squeeze Page

You want to design an opt-in email landing page, or name squeeze page to capture your visitors email address. You never want to send your visitors directly to your sales page. You are wasting visitors and money if you send the visitor to any page other than a squeeze page.

A smart marketer knows the importance of recycling internet traffic by capturing email subscribers. They understand that, once you capture the visitors email address, you can send them to any website anytime you want. This is called recycling your traffic. Thinking this way can help you conserve a lot of advertising expenses.

But when you build your squeeze page, you want to make sure that it converts at least 30% of all of your visitors to subscribers. One of my high converting landing pages has conversions at over 60%. This is usually my benchmark for every squeeze page or landing page I create.

After you construct your squeeze page, you must send all of your traffic to this one page. This is imperative. Every article you write, and every joint venture you establish, must send traffic through this squeeze page.


2. Write Responsive Articles

The major key to writing articles that generate a bunch of responsive subscribers is to write your articles as if you are writing a sales letter. Now, I am not telling you to write sales letters when you write your articles. This is not what I am saying.

But this is what I am saying: The same process and time you put into writing your salesletters, you should put also in writing your articles.

Now the most important component to any successful sales letter is the heading. Likewise, the most important component to any subscriber generating article is the title of the article.
You should spend 90% of your time coming up with a good title for your article. The title is the one determining factor of whether or not an individual will read your article. Therefore, turn on your creativity cap and come up with a sly, creative, and appealing title for your article.

If you spend your time doing this, then you just wiped out 80% off all the article competition within your niche that will compete for relevant visitors and subscribers. Just this one change can mean an enormous positive difference to your online marketing business.


3. Joint Ventures

Establishing joint ventures is a powerful way to accelerate the growth of your email list. Just one good JV can instantly send you hundreds or thousands of subscribers within days. You should try to locate and contact about 5 new JV partners every week. Before, you contact your partners though, you want to craft an appealing offer that would make it almost impossible for any partner to refuse.

Once you come up with your appealing offer, it is then just a matter of you writing the jv proposal and clicking 'send' on your favorite email provider. If the offer is good, you’ll have marketers responding to your offer that very same day!


So I hope these 3 major steps helped you out. Just remember to stay productive and focus your time on writing articles, and establishing joint venture partnerships to build your email list.

To your success,
Jonny Tyson

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