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How Internet Marketers Attract Visitors With Blogging

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It really wasn't that long ago, when blogging was nothing more than an individualistic inclination. But not anymore! Nowadays, blogging is regarded as an indispensable tool to carry out a successful internet marketing campaign.

The benefits of blogging are quite a few; through blogging, a website or an online (and offline) product can be made popular. Blogging is crucial for off-page SEO works; such works require effective link building campaigns and through blog posting, quality incoming links for a site can be generated. Having more numbers of such links enables a site to get a fair ranking in search engines and in-turn, the website comes in top results when users conduct a search on the search engine.

A survey was conducted a few years back, which showed that businesses that make infrequent use of the blogging tool or don’t blog at all, get less number of leads if compared to other businesses, which have a separate blogging page on their websites and update the page regularly. The finding clearly indicates that the link between blogging and internet marketing isn’t just coincidental or it’s not that these two just happen to have a relation. Blogging is a practice, which can bolster online marketing activities.

The relevance of blogging coincides with the rising importance of content marketing. One might wonder what makes content pivotal for internet marketing and not for conventional marketing techniques. It’s not difficult to understand why; the internet is flooded with websites and websites have content. So to catch someone’s attention, the site owner needs to upload catchy and gripping content. Users are most likely to appreciate the content, provided it is of quality.

The main purpose of internet marketing is to fetch traffic to a website. Blogging serves this purpose very well. When users read fantastic content on a website, they bookmark the page, so that it can be opened later. People could also subscribe to newsletters and email alerts from the website. Such subscriptions are very useful because if someone opens a page to read blogs and articles, he/she can visit this page later sometime. Bookmarking or email subscriptions makes this possible for the reader.

The relation between blogging and online marketing is not one dimensional but multi-dimensional. That is, for the success of blogging alone, internet marketing strategies are very much required. There are many blogging sites and to gather traffic, these site owners need to employ various internet marketing techniques. Link submission, guest posting, keyword research and optimisation of each single post by those keywords all fall into internet marketing. Upon getting more number of visitors, the website makes earning either by posting ads on the site or by selling products or services.

One thing is important however; bloggers need to write blogs on the site, otherwise, the site won’t be updated frequently and that might go against the success of the site. There’s another side of this; if a post is uploaded on the website within a quick span of time, search engines will put more value on the website and in that way, the site will get better visibility. Normally bloggers are aware of the internet marketing strategies, which could give their blogs an edge. They should make time from their busy schedule and work on those strategies to increase their site’s reputation.


Blogging complements internet marketing. Blogging is essentially related to online marketing. For the success of internet marketing campaigns, blogging is required. Similarly, for the success of blogging, internet marketing strategies and techniques should be employed.

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Jonny Tyson

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