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5 Proven Techniques For Turning Your Old Content Into New Link Bait

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We all know the importance of fresh content. It is the lifeblood of any blog, and the main focus of anyone whether they are using a special content marketing strategy, or not. But what many people miss is the importance and benefits of repackaged content.
Anyone who has a blog should be taking advantage of old content by breathing new life into it. One blog post can have various uses and draw in traffic like you never imagined.


Here are five (technically ten!) ways to re-purpose old content into new link bait.

1. Infographics And Cheatsheets

In a world that is centered so much around social media, it is now necessary to provide content that has been broken down to be both easy to view and to share. Both infographics and cheatsheets apply, giving a bare bones, visual representation of various core concepts (here’s a good example that didn’t even require any design skills). Both of these things are very popular on sites like Pinterest and Facebook, as well as other social sites around the web. Making them a great way to use old content in a new way to draw new links.

How: Here are some easy infographics tools and here are more tools from Moz.

2. Presentations And Slideshows

Lately it has become more common to see presentations instead of traditional articles. A good example are sites like Upworthy, that frequently offer full presentations in slideshow form as a dynamic way of presenting information.

One of my favorite presentations from the site is their explanation of how to make content go viral. That is a great way to present data and engage the reader, including content that was already made into a standard blog post in the past. Gallery slideshows can also be used, with the description box containing the text broken down for quick context.

How: Haiku Deck – Free Presentation App for iPad

3. Ebooks And Series'

anthologize wordpress 
One of the easiest ways to repackage content – in a free and fast way – is making it into an ebook.

You can offer them for free, or for a social media ‘like’. If you want to stretch content you can always go back into old posts and find topics that could be made into a larger series. This requires new writing on your part, but it is a great way to expand on points brought up in previous content.

How: Tools like Anthologize and Zinepal will do this for you, allowing you to select what posts to include and then editing the format for a chapter book version of your site. WP Beginner is also featuring a great WordPress plugin that can build you Twitter following if you decide to give that pdf away.

4. Videos And Podcasts

More and more videos based on posts for blogs have been showing up on YouTube and Vimeo lately. These are usually just tutorials, sometimes slideshow-style videos. Either way, they work well and give a more visual way to get a point across. Readers who prefer their content moving will like it, and it gives you a new demographic to target.

You could also do podcasts, reading audio versions of posts, having a separate show, having interviews or anything else you might desire. Single Dad Laughing, a blog run by Dan Pearce, is an example of a site that has chosen to go the podcast route in addition to the basic text posts.

How: Videos: Screenr (free, easy and requires no tools to download!) + and then Podcasts: How to Turn YouTube Channels into Subscribable Podcasts

Screenr video 

5. Best-Of And Master Lists

One of the first rules I learned about content marketing was the use of lists, like this one here. They are a quick way of giving information, formatted to make it easier for the reader to skim through. Lists, both best-of and master lists of third party or in-site links, are always an effective way of repackaging content. Plus, it allows you to promote old posts in a new way and hence drive traffic back to something you have made before.

How: Easily create round-up articles with this plugin and also try this plugin to build FAQ.

Do you have any ideas for re-purposing content? Let us know in the comments.

To your success,
Jonny Tyson

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