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What Is Mobile Marketing And How Does It Work?

What is Mobile Marketing Advantages and Disadvantages

Mobile Marketing is simply defined as a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.

Just as internet marketing is a more advanced version of traditional marketing, so also is mobile marketing to internet marketing. A number of people in the industry talk about mobile marketing as a new concept, especially in line with the arrival of the iPhone. However, this practice has indeed been around for quite a while, particularly observed with many different mobile phone brands; remember ring tones? It's just that not many people have been able to grasp how the concept can be used effectively to generate revenues.

One thing that is relatively new is that the marketing world has suddenly realised just how many mobile phone consumers are carrying around their devices, thereby making the mobile marketing world very hot. If you look around you today, more and more people are not just using their phones to make calls or send out text messages, but now use phones to also order shopping, watch football games, download recipes and so much more. What used to be just a mere idea or prediction has now materialised quicker than many had expected. Mobile marketing is very real and opportunities for marketers are quite noteworthy. It has grown more quickly than the internet in some ways, especially as more and more phone handsets are equipped with new technology.


Why Is Mobile Marketing Worthwhile?


Mobile Phones Are Always Switched On! 

Unlike standard internet marketing, your audience is permanently switched-on, impulsive and ready to interact at the drop of a hat. Just imagine a time when the information that pumped through to your mobile was specific to your habits, your needs and your environment. Creating mobile campaigns are also quite simple and easy to implement and messages can be delivered to recipients within a matter of seconds as a text message on their mobile phones anytime and anywhere there is reception.

Internet Access As You Go

As things stand now, more than half of internet users access the web via mobile phones and other handheld devices. Interestingly, in developing nations like India, where ownership or easy access to PC is low, the majority of internet activity takes place on mobiles. The way technology has developed, it is looking like phones and personal organisers are likely to be the new gateway to the online world. One effective way of driving target traffic to your website is by specifically designing advertisements for mobile users. For example; customers trying to locate a removal van using Google on their mobile phone might come across an advertisement for a van hire company or a store that sells boxes located nearby.


Cheaper Cost Of Handsets

The cost of mobile internet access used to be a huge concern, but that is now a thing of the past as most networks now offer unlimited access for a fixed price. The better pricing, together with new ranges of smart phones, especially the Apple iPhone, has constituted to a great leap forward.

Highly Targeted Traffic

To avoid potential customers feeling harassed and bombarded with advertising messages, most mobile marketing campaigns are generally initiated using opt-in strategies. One of such strategies is to give away promotional offers or discount coupons/codes to customers through text messages to their mobile phones, and in the process persuade them to opt-in to receiving mobile advertising. With this kind of strategy, most customers are more likely to be receptive, especially those already in the marketplace physically.

Mobile Marketing Statistics



The mobile marketing opening is a real ballgame that only a few are currently toiling with and making substantial income. Presently, it is the fastest growing potential in the marketing space. With the increase in mobile phone bandwidth capacities, the revenues from mobile advertising are also increasing immensely. Major brands are now running targeted mobile campaigns, and using them to experiment with new ways of interacting with consumers. For example, advertisements are run on the mobile versions of entertainment and news sites. Unlike e-mails that can get filtered out inadvertently as spam, delivery of text messages to mobile phones is very effective as the messages are more likely to reach their target and be read. So, tell me.Who wouldn't want to tap into mobile marketing?

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