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5 Article Marketing Tips That Will Boost Your Affiliate Revenue

Affiliate Marketing Articles 2019

So, what does it take to become a 'BIG EARNER' with your affiliate marketing commissions? How can you start to make larger affiliate commission checks?
The answer has set the internet on fire!

Writing articles for your affiliate niche site and posting them to your site, to blogs, and distributing them to article directories and ezine publishers has become a massive internet gold rush, and people are falling over themselves to hire freelance writers!

Along with that is another question..
"How can I write my own articles that will earn me more affiliate commissions?".

Basically, there is a simple five-step formula for winning articles.


5 Steps To Profitable Affiliate Niche Articles

1. Write For People

Who is going to read your content? The search engines or people? Who is going to buy from your affiliate link? Search engines or people?
This should really be a no-brainer, but too many people are being sucked into automated page builders that do nothing but spit out spam. People want real, sincere, thought-out, and informative content. They want to learn something. Automated tools cannot do that. People will be reading your articles and they will also be buying your products. Google won't!


2. Write Articles For One Keyword Or Keyword Phrase

Ok, now that you're writing for people, write about what they are searching for. If your particular niche is golf, then you'd do some keyword research on what people are searching for. A broad term like golf would have thousands of focused keywords and keyword phrases to build articles around.

Once you've found a keyword term then write an article on it. You can write as many articles as you want on that term, but don't try to stuff multiple keywords or phrases into one article. This can be seen as spam and Google will ban your site.


3. Keep It Short But Informative

The issue here is people don't spend a lot of time reading articles. They want the info fast so they can move on to the next one. But, that doesn't mean we skimp on the quality. Most articles being written now for content are short, informative, bullet style articles that deliver quality content in as little time possible.
That means no long introductions, and drawn out explanations, but yes to short, concise, and conveying points.


4. Use Links, But Sparingly

Here's another issue Google has with affiliate sites. The excessive use of links, without any quality information, will get your site banned. Now don't let this be a scary thing. It can be for people who are using automated tools, but for the ones who are taking time to build a successful business, this is actually a blessing.
It requires you to build a site rather than just put up a bunch of meaningless pages. Again, good quality content is the key, but within in that content place two to three strategically placed links to the merchant site.
Again, as an example; if your site is about golf and your article is about taking strokes off your swing, you could mention a quality driver and link to it. This way you're giving information and sending the reader to the merchant site.


5. Be Unique

The Internet is full of copycats and people living off the imagination of other people. Set yourself apart within your niche and write unique articles.
What I mean is present new ideas, new ways of doing things, and don't shy away from being controversial. Develop your own voice that will shout above the masses. A profitable niche site is the one that people are talking about and are re-visiting frequently. They will only do this if you offer them something new.
Writing good quality articles for affiliate marketing niche sites can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it. Coming up with ideas for 1,000 word articles is hard. But, presenting those same ideas in short bite sized articles of 300-400 words is much easier.

To your success,
Jonny Tyson

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