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5 Unique Methods To Increase Your Website Profit OVERNIGHT

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I’ve been covering a lot of website promotion methods lately, so let’s switch it up and talk about PROFIT. Specifically, I want to show you 5 Ways to Increase Your website PROFIT Overnight.

Once you’ve got traffic pouring into your site it’s not enough to just sit around watching blips of data in your analytics account. You need to get out there and start MONETIZING your site.

We want to stuff your wallet full of benjamins and all his presidential friends, right?

What I have for you today are some of the easiest ways to increase your profits, almost instantly; tested and approved by yours truly!


If this sounds like an awesome method, you’re right. File this one under “stuff you know you should do but aren’t doing.” I gave it a cool name so that hopefully you take it a bit more seriously. :-)

Right now, you need to assasinate one of your affiliate promotions. Say your last respects and put it in the ground because it’s killing your profits as we speak. You might have heard the phrase "split-test" before but not known what that means or how to do it. In short, it’s comparing any two changes to a site. Maybe it’s a headline, or an ad for example. For our purposes, we’re going to put two different products to the test and let them fight it out to the death.

What you’re likely to find is that two of the same or simliar products in the same market WON’T have the same conversion rates. Changing from one product to another with higher conversions results in almost immediate sales increases as well as long term profits.

Look for any promotions you’re currently doing, and start to experiment with alternative products. If one works, don’t just sit on it and ride it out. You might very well find that another product converts much better. Keep everything the same (as much as you can) but switch out the links.

Ideally, you want to rotate them evenly with a script, but this is not always possible. In any event, compare them across equal amounts of visits or clicks and over a large number. You’ll quickly realize one is better than the other and just like that you’ve increased your profits!



Okay, this sounds a bit intimidating. Fear not, I just wanted to give it an exciting name for all you post skimmers out there. ;-)

We are now living in the age of digital assault. There is information swarming around our heads 24 hours a day. It should be no surprise then, that your email got missed, overlooked, or ignored in favor of ten billion other bytes of information.

The solution is quite simple; add a followup message.

Make it relavent, informative, and unique but promote the same product again. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when it generates extra sales. With my own eyes I’ve seen this work as far as seven emails into a followup sequence.

Here’s another bonus twist to this method. If you’re sending a broadcast message out, most quality responders will let you select from a list of people that did NOT open the first message. Simply choose them and re-send the same message.

Just like that you’ve increased sales with almost no additional effort!


Are you sitting back and just maintaining your traffic status quo?

If so, it’s time to get some new faces to your site!

If you’ve optimized your system, tested different products, and setup a followup then it’s time to start pumping some new visitors to your website. Start testing new traffic and enjoy the new sales!



No, we’re not sending e-vite blasts out to your family, or inviting your weird uncle over to work on your site. Instead it’s time to start looking at product relatives.

If you’ve got a proven audience of interested and active buyers online, than maybe it’s time you start looking at additional products to add to your lineup of promotions. For example, if you’re selling a course on how to setup a wordpress site, than your buyers will most likely want to know where to get good quality themes.

Many times related products exist that people are already buying and you simply need to provide a link to some good recommended resources to get extra sales.



Finally, once you start getting decent traffic, you have significant power on your side. If you simply can’t be bothered testing affiliate offers and researching products, than grab a square of your site and put up a big block that says “Ad Space Available”.
In almost no time flat, you’ll be getting offers from interested advertisers ready and willing to pay you cash on a monthly basis to list their site.

I don’t even show ad space for rent but still get offers on a weekly basis. Personally, I prefer to run affiliate offers or promote my own products, but it’s definitely an instant option for you if you choose.

If you want to really push this and get some cash today, start contacting potential partners with an offer. Contact enough and you can close a sale the same day!

To your sucess,

Jonny Tyson

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