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10 Tips That Will Help You Create Better Youtube Videos

how to create videos for youtube channel

Many people are slow to embrace video marketing because they feel they need advanced equipment, or video editing software to create professional videos. This is NOT the case!

At the end of the day, all that is really required is a simple web cam with reasonable resolution quality. Using a web cam is a very powerful way to connect with your target market, and build a relationship with them.


The following 10 tips reveal how you can create professional grade YouTube videos using nothing but a web cam!..

1. Use A Plain Background

You need to ensure you shoot your web cam video against a plain background such as a painted white wall. There is nothing more irritating or unprofessional than floral wall paper or worse; a persons living room in the background with their pet dog walking around wagging their tail. You should treat your internet business as a real business, only then will people take you seriously.


2. Create A Quiet Environment

It is essential that you turn off all cell phones, office phones, fax machines, printers, air conditioning and any other electrical devices that could interfere with the sound quality of your video.


3. Positioning

Position yourself such that your head and shoulders takes over at least two thirds of the screen. You will want to look directly down the camera as if you are having a face-to-face conversation with your target market.

4. Create Effective Lighting

A good tip is to position a desk lamp behind your laptop and tilt it such that it is illuminating your face. This will prevent your video from appearing dark, or lacking in clarity.


5. Dress To Match Your Target Market

If your target market is stock market traders, then wear a suit and tie. If you are in the IT industry, then wear a smart open collar shirt. This technique is called 'mirroring and matching', and it is an important method for getting your target market to relate to you.

6. Speak With Clarity

This may seem obvious but when some people hit the record button they get excited and tend to speak too quickly. Now that does not mean you should speak in a monotone or at a snails pace. You should alter the rhythm of your voice to emphasize points. It has also been scientifically proven that those who speak with a 'deeper voice' are perceived as more authority figures. So try to consciously lower your voice by a few octaves. Also avoid annoying fillers such as 'ahhh' or 'ummm'. They decimate your professionalism.


7. Use The 'Cliff Hanger' Method

Simply give the viewer an exciting reason at the start of your video in order to keep them viewing right to the end. You might say something like; "Be sure to watch this video right to the end as I will be revealing the exact steps I take to earn $10,000 per week online".



8. Connect With The Viewer

You need to get in the correct mindset before you shoot the video. Don't think of it as a mass communication that will be seen by plenty of strangers you have never met. Consider it as a one-on-one conversation you are having with a dear friend. This will soften your body language and make you seem more personable. You will be able to connect with viewers more easily and they will get a feel for the type of person you really are.


9. Do NOT Read Out A Script (Be Natural)

This is essential. If it looks like you are reading out a script word-for-word, you will lose rapport and not be able to connect with your viewers. Have a few bullet points in front of you to spark your conversation and to keep it flowing in a structured way.


10. Always Over Deliver

Never create a video just for the sake of it. You need to impress your target market with valuable content that paints you as an expert in your niche. Delivering the same old rehashed materials will negatively affect your image.


If you are interested in generating significant traffic from video marketing, then I strongly recommend you follow these tried and tested methods.

To your success,
Jonny Tyson

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