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10 Content Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Article Marketing Campaigns

Content Marketing Strategies 2019

If you are running a website, then you have to create a lot of articles in order to succeed. The fact is that the web runs on good content, and if you don't provide it, then someone else will. Don't bang your head against the wall trying to make things work though. Instead, follow these simple rules to create amazing articles that will launch you to the top of search engine rankings.



1) Choose Your Topic And Write A Top 10 List

A top 10 list will help you with a lot of things. People love these kind of lists, and have a good chance of people linking to it, or republishing it from a directory. This is also a great way to brainstorm ideas. If you can come up with 10 tips, then you can take each one of those later, and write a full article on each one.



2) Crosslink Your Articles

Don't just use your articles to link to your own site. Cross link your articles on other sites. This will build the power of all of your articles, and help you to get better rankings all across the board.



3) Master Persuasive Writing

Learning to write persuasively will increase your authority, and draw more people into what you have to say. The secret to persuasive writing is in being able to touch people emotionally. When you can make someone laugh, make them mad, or make them cry, then you can lead them into reading what else you have to say.



4) Give Free Value

Provide a lot of free value. Don't just write fluffy content. Instead, write helpful tips and information. Once you do that, link to even more free stuff, and giveaways. You can either do a free giveaway, or do an opt-in giveaway to build up your authority.



5) Network With Other Website Owners

Get to know Blog owners within your niche. Guest posting on blogs is a great way to build your reputation, and make your site successful. However, you have to go about it the right way. Meet blog owners, and be willing to give them totally unique content. Don't miss out on this opportunity by throwing them rehashed articles that have been all over the net. Give them something unique and fresh to post. You won't be sorry that you took the time to do it right.



6) Encourage Your Website Visitors To Use Their Brain

You want your articles to get people thinking. Write rhetorical questions, and make people consider how this will affect them. Lead them on, and keep people interested in what you have to say. This will encourage them to click through your site to see what else you have to share on other areas of your website.



7) Utilize Social Bookmarking Sites

You should be bookmarking all your sites. Not just your own, but the article directories and web2.0 sites as well. More and more, social traffic rules the web. Make sure you know how to go about using social bookmarking properly. However, you can build a lot of traffic, using social bookmarking, without even needing the search engine rankings.



8) Remember Who You Are Writing For

You need to write articles for readers, not backlinks. You can get a lot of backlinks, but if you write to your readers, you will get better traffic, and you will stand a better chance at getting republished. Create content that people love to read, and the search engines will like you more too.



9) Create Compelling Article Summaries

The article summary can be the most critical part to making your article noticeable. Think about it. This is your opportunity to sell your article, and you only have a few sentences to do so. This will also show up as your description in the search results. Make sure it draws people in, and hooks them into reading your article. Set the bait, then snag the hook.



10) Write Multiple Articles At A Time

Once you get into a flow, you can write 3-4 articles at a time. Keep on writing. Then, you can crosslink those articles, and build more traffic to your site. If you take full advantage of all the technology available, you can even take the articles that you have, and piece them together to create even more unique content that drives more readers into your website or blog.



When you tie all these together, you will have an online article marketing campaign that entices readers, and builds your reputation. Stop putting off getting the value that you deserve. Start working on your article marketing strategy right away.

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