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Network Marketing LIES - Traffic Generation Is NOT Lead Generation

Network Marketing Online Strategies

Driving traffic to your website, such as your blog, Facebook fanpage, capture page, or even a sandwich page etc. is USELESS if you don’t figure out the art and science of sales and marketing. You have to know what to do with the traffic you generate.

Most people coming into Network Marketing have been employees all their lives, and most likely not within the marketing and advertising field. Even with years in MLM, many never really gain knowledge of marketing. They may get the Networking part down within their warm market or their social networking site market, but never really master how to connect with new people and attract new prospects.

* Lead Generation and Traffic Generation are often easily confused.

Traffic is the visitors that come to your website. You may get a lot of “impressions” or “visits” to your website. But if you aren’t capturing their information then they aren’t leads.
There is no use in learning how to generate traffic if you also do not learn how to convert that traffic into leads.

Today, I am going to teach you the theories behind Online Marketing and Marketing in general that isn’t being taught by your upline. Why aren’t they teaching it to you? 

1. Because they think it’s so rudimentary that everyone should already know it? or 2. They don’t even know it themselves.

There are somethings in life where it isn’t necessary to comprehend the principles in order for it to work for you, such as a TV remote, I don’t have to know HOW it works, just how to operate it. But I didn’t build the TV remote either.
In online marketing it’s important to understand the theories and principles behind it because you are the one ultimately responsible for your success and the one that is in charge of what you are doing.

To begin with I’m going to explain the 3 forms of advertising (yes, admit it; marketing is interchangeable with advertising)


1. Interruption Advertising 

You did not ask to see it, but there it is… it’s irritating. Most people tune it out. This type of advertising only works for companies that are very brand recognizable like Coca Cola or McDonalds.
This is the type of promotion most people are familiar with and marketers try to imitate it on Twitter and Facebook and it DOES NOT WORK for them because they aren’t Ronald McDonald and NO ONE CARES. (Hint: if you’re doing a sales pitch all over Facebook as your marketing method, knock it off, you’re hurting yourself more than helping.)

2. Direct Response Advertising

This is the immediate response from the person viewing the ad. Either they hate it and they leave, or they like what you have to say, they stay and they opt in. A lead capture page needs to have a call to action and request a response from the viewer to put in their name and email (and hopefully phone number). 


It has to contain these elements:

1. The Headline

Hook your readers by the eyes and suck them in and interest them. If you suck at this part then the rest doesn’t really matter.

2. The Bribe

This is the proposal that you are making to get them to opt in. It’s what they get in exchange for giving up their information. It has to be valuable enough for them to give up their info.
A great sales copy will have both a carrot in front of their eyes and a fear attached to it. Something good for them to get, and a fear of loss if they don’t get it now.

3. Call To Action

Actually tell people where to click and exactly what to do.
There are more mechanics to it than that and an expert on the details (even right down to which colors work the best on a capture page) is Jonathan Budd, he seems to know some crazy little tricks that create a higher conversion rate. 

Here’s a couple secrets I’ll share:
1. A Red Heading works the best (no one has any idea why, it just does)
2. Have your opt in box to the right of your video (the video should be of YOU)
3. Draw and arrow pointing directly to where they should put their info.
And yes, the video on the page NEEDS to be of you. You can’t use someone else’s system and their video and hope that it converts into leads. Opt in pages that have a personalized video have a conversion rate that is 400% higher!


3. Permission Based Advertising

Once someone opts in on your capture page you now have their permission to continue sending them emails. Instead of interrupting them on their Facebook page or by Tweeting at them all day you can now send them a marketing message campaign. This is the opposite of cold calling, they have raised their hand and asked for info. Lead generation is only as good as the trust you build with your leads once they are on your list.


Those are the 3 forms of marketing and advertising. Notice I mentioned nothing about Attraction Marketing in that list. Attraction Marketing is a combination of Direct Response and Permission Based. Magnetic Sponsoring is the best teaching tool for Attraction Marketing.
Position yourself so the interested people find you and come to you for help.
Realize that the old offline methods of "showing opportunity" will not work in the online world.

To your success,
Jonny T

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