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8 Article Writing Tips And Tricks That Will Make Your Article Go Viral

Article Writing Tips for Beginners

Are you thinking about writing and marketing your own articles? 

Here's 8 Tips To Get You Started:


1. Keyword Research

When writing articles online, it is always a good idea to start the whole process by knowing the keywords that you can target in your articles. Keywords are very important in connecting with your readers through the help of search engines. As much as possible; go with keywords or keyphrases that are not very competitive to increase your chances of getting higher ranking for your copies. And, remember to not "flood" your article with too many targeted keywords, because the search engines will look at that as "spammy", and this may negatively effect your SEO.


2. Target Audience

You can easily get through to your readers if you know what they want to see and what they want to hear. Gather as much information about these people by thoroughly researching them. If you have the time, you can also talk to them personally or better yet, build an ongoing communication them.


3. Learn SEO

It would greatly help if you know at least the basics of SEO. This can help you in making sure that your articles will become searchable in the online arena. Read relevant blogs, forums, discussion boards, ezines, and ebooks to get more information about this topic. Keep yourself posted on the ever-changing algorithms of search engines, particularly Google, and master the ropes of the LSI technique.

4. Article Directories

If you intend to use article marketing in promoting your website, it's important that you're familiar with article directories and their terms of service. This will help you figure out ahead of time what you can and what you cannot do on your articles to ensure that they will not be rejected.



5. Take Your Time Writing Your Titles

You cannot afford to use lousy titles. So, take as much time as you need when writing your titles. Ensure that they have what it takes to grab your readers' attention. I suggest that you target emotions or challenge common beliefs. It would also help if you use controversy as this always sells well.


6. The First Paragraph Is Important

Your first paragraph must tell your readers everything they need to know to understand your article. Your blog or website visitors will read your articles until the end if your first paragraph is well-written. So, make it catchy and powerful as much as possible.


7. Provide Useful Information

Avoid making your articles just a compilation of random information and data. To make them more effective, ensure that your articles are useful to your readers and/or targeted niche. My suggestion would be to offer solutions to problems that are very common in your chosen niche. If you do this, I can guarantee you that you'll get the kind of attention you need from your readers.


8. Keep It Short And Simple

Keep in mind that you're writing for people who might not have formal education and who might not be using English as their primary language. To make sure that you'll still be able to effectively educate them, I recommend that you write your articles in a very easy to understand manner. Also, keep them as short as possible. But make sure that they contain complete, in-depth information so that your readers will leave feeling that they've gained something from visiting your blog or website and have reason to return.

How to Write a Good Article

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