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The Importance Of Competition Analysis In Niche Marketing

Niche Marketing Strategy Advantages

Niche marketing is much more competitive than it was years ago. Having a proper niche marketing strategy in place is now more important than ever if you are to have any success with your online business. However, creating a proper "plan of attack" need not be as hard as many "gurus" would have you believe.

There are many areas within the online marketing arena that you need to fully understand in order to succeed. Having a great product is not enough. If people do not get to hear about you, or see your marketing message, then no matter how great your product is, you are not going to make any money.


So the first thing you need is a proper marketing strategy in place. 

There are a number of elements that make up an effective niche marketing strategy. Some of those elements are as follows:


1. What Is Your Product?

In order to properly market your product or service you really need to understand exactly what it is, and how it benefits your customers. Many people choose to promote a product simply because it has sold well for others, or has a high gravity on Clickbank for example. They do not take the time to properly research the product fully enough to extract the benefits that will sell it the most.


2. Who Are Your Customers?

You know what your product is, but who are your customers? Who are the people that are going to need, and desire your product or service enough to pull out their credit card?

How will your product solve a problem for them? Can they already find a solution to this problem elsewhere? What drives these people to take action? Where do they hang out? What are their other interests? What age group are they?

All these questions must be answered before you can even begin to figure out how to connect with them.

3. Competition Analysis

This is a vital piece of the puzzle, and one that so many people get wrong. Many people are told to only pick keywords with a certain amount of websites as competition, or to only pick keywords that have a certain number of sites SEO optimized for them.

This, like a great deal of other information put out there by the "guru's" is totally false.

In truth the only competitors you need to know about are the top 10 sites as ranked by the search engines. Anything outside the top 10 will not get traffic and is therefore irrelevant to you.

So what are you looking for when you analyze the competition? Well the important things that will help you plan an effective niche marketing strategy will be the following:

* How many backlinks do they have?
* Where do those links come from?
* What keywords are they ranking for?
* Where in the search engines are they placed for those keywords?
* What is the CPC of those keywords?
* How much do they spend on those keywords?
* What percentage of traffic comes from the keywords?

Armed with this information you will be able to build an amazingly powerful campaign, capable of knocking many of the top ten off their high rankings, with your site arriving in their place!

Competitors Web Traffic


The trouble many marketers have is gathering all that information. There has never been a truly reliable tool that was able to gather all that information for you. In order to do the research yourself you would need to spend hours trawling through different pieces of software, without really knowing how accurate the results were.

Well thankfully Internet marketing has moved on and finally there is an awesome All-in-one SEO Tools Suite that not only gathers all this mind-blowing information for you, but helps you every step of the way to make any improvements needed!

All In One SEO Tools Suite

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