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Article Submission And Duplicate Content: THE REALITY

Article Submission Guidelines

Is Multiple Article Submission Okay?

I see this question being asked over and over by people that are worried they may be looked badly upon or even removed by Google for submitting the same article to several different article directories.

These are all valid questions, and the biggest problem is that they are repeatedly answered either incorrectly or incompletely. Though I am not the foremost expert on the subject, there are many out there far more experienced than I am when it comes to such things, but I hopefully do have a few helpful insights to this subject that perhaps will put some of the phobias and myths to rest.


Branding Through Articles

One of the major things to remember when you are doing any type of marketing, whether you are writing a blog, submitting articles, keeping a Facebook account, or even writing on forums, is that you are branding yourself.

If you own a blog, are the employee of a company, or you are the owner of a small business your brand is a large contribution to the quality of that entity. Your brand is an important asset in your company's, or your blog's success. What this means is that whether you are writing a blog, commenting on other peoples blogs, or creating articles to submit to Ezine or other article directories, or even making simple posts to your favorite forums, it is important to remember quality, substantive content. Nothing will turn people off faster, or get a bad reputation started quicker than someone that travels through the internet re-posting other people's works, or jotting down the jibber jabber off the latest and greatest commercial and giving little or no substantive contributions.

On the other hand, regardless of whether you write a 100 word blurb about how great your coffee is this morning and why, or a 1,000 word article on the importance of good car maintenance, you will be appreciated by someone out there, and the quality of your brand will increase.


Duplicate Content SEO 2019

The Issue Of Duplicate Material

In a feeble effort at keeping this post short, I will cut to the chase of whether you should rewrite every article you submit to article directories, or if it is okay to resubmit the same article over and over.

As long as it does not appear to be a blatant attempt to manipulate your website's rankings, you will not be in trouble by Google for duplicate content throughout the Internet. If on the other hand your personal website is full of duplicate content in an attempt to fool others into visiting your site, you may find yourself removed from Google's index to be sure. Where does this leave us with the article submission? As long as you are simply sharing information with a link back to you or your website, you will see no retribution from Google.

With that said, here is what to think about when considering what to do. If your purpose is to create backlinks, and gain SERPS from submitting articles on the Internet, be them in a blog or through Article Directories, then it is important to note that when Google comes across duplicate content it does index it all, which means that it will all be somewhere in their directory, but, and here is the key to the whole program; only one item will be selected to be contributed to the SERPS or as some would call it; the "Juice". In other words, if you submit your article to four separate places, let us say for purposes of here that they have the PR of 0,1,2, and 6. Google will not necessarily pick out the biggest and greatest to contribute to your weight status. You are just as likely to have that article attached to the PR 0 site as to the PR 6 site when it comes in determining your PR, your link relativity and the weight of your site in the search engine results.

There are many out there that claim to be the all knowing expert on such things, but truth be told; Karma has more to do with which you will get credit from than any other system others may mention; the actual system used are very closely guarded trade secrets.


Closing Thoughts

So when it comes to multiple article submissions check with your Article Directorie's Terms of Use agreement. They will have more bearing on whether it is an acceptable practice or not. As for getting the "Link Juice" out of your articles, it is best to rewrite every submission to a degree. And if the search engines, like Google, are even remotely similar to academia, then making sure that each article is no more than 49% the same is probably not a bad rule of thumb.. plagiarism, even of your own work is frowned upon.

Thank you for reading,
Jonny T

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