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5 Killer Ideas For Adding Fun To Your Online Promotions

Online Promotion Ideas

Most websites today have their own standard search engine, which makes it easier for visitors to browse for items within their online store or blog. It does make it much easier than in the older days of just having to search manually, however it can be a bit boring.
How about adding some exciting and interactive stuff on your home page and sell your products at the same time?
It would most definitely make your website much more memorable than the rest, right?


1. Interactive Fun

Most people online these days are pretty familiar with all the interactive features like multiple choice boxes, clicking with a mouse and radio buttons, correct? Well then, why not entertain your customers by getting them involved with fun games and activities when they get to your website?
One example could be; a fun survey that will give a discount or a reward if they participate, or maybe a funny video that relates to one of your products. Videos are such a huge hit these days. People are really engaged while watching a video, it builds trust and let's face it; these days online, we have to build a lot of trust to get someone to pull out their credit card and buy something.


2. Quizzes

As you may well know, a lot of people have a competitive streak in them. So why not develop quizzes for people to be able to test their level of expertise in a topic and be able to compare it to others who have completed the quiz as well?
You could also take this information and build your own info-product to sell in addition to your other products, or use the information to help improve many different aspects of your business.

Online Polls for Fun

3. Polls

Polls are extremely popular on both regular websites and social networking websites. They are extremely easy to use and people always love answering questions, especially if they can see how their opinion compares to others who also gave their opinion.
This technique can also be a fantastic way to create a better community and to jazz-up or create a great discussion.

4. Virtual Tools

Another great thing to add is a virtual tool that will allow your customers to visualize how purchasing a particular product of yours will impact their lives. If you can accomplish this then your sales will sky rocket.
One example of this would be; if you sell wigs, then you would want to create a tool that allows someone to upload an image of their face, and then be able to click a button on different wigs to see how that wig would look on them.
This does take some work, but if you can't develop the tool yourself, you can always outsource it at or

5. Chat With Your Visitors

This feature is great for not only a membership site but also a regular eCommerce site.
People now days love to interact with others and know that there is a real live person attached to a website. Like videos, this also builds trust. It makes it very easy for customers to ask questions, or if they have problems it enables you to address them really quickly, so someone doesn't run right out to the nearest forum and bad mouth you or your site.
It also provides great customer service. Anything that allows more real-time interaction with other people is a great plus, and it doesn't necessarily have to be contact with you directly. It can be contact with other members, contact with online sales representatives, or technical troubleshooters. As long as they are engaging your website visitors in ways that engage them completely, you will have more and more of their attention.
Ignore them or keep the same stale site, and you will be very hard-pressed to generate interest on solely the strength of your products alone.

To your success,
Jonny Tyson

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