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The 5 Golden Rules On How To Structure Your Article For Maximum Views

Article Writing Format

Why is it that many articles on the net receive hundreds of thousands of views while others are left derelict at some distant corner of cyberspace? The answer very often comes down to 'article structure'.

Every Successful Article Contains A Structure As Follows;

1. An Attention Grabbing Title
2. An Opening Paragraph That Creates Curiosity
3. A Main Body Which Delivers The "Meat" Of The Article 'Value Added' Information
4. A Powerful Conclusion Which Summarizes The Key Points
5. A Resource Box Which Possibly Offers A Free Download Related To The Articles Niche


If you can mix these elements with adequate emotive language, then your article will attract serious attention.

Ok, so lets go into detail:

1. An Attention Grabbing Title

The title is one of the most decisive factors for directing traffic to your article. It must stir emotion and promise an exciting benefit to the reader. For example; instead of an article entitled "Video Marketing Tips" you could use "Revealed: How to get 500 site visitor per day using video marketing".

The use of the keyword 'Revealed' indicates it's an 'insider secret' and the quantity of '500 members per day' is exciting. This is certain to increase article views.


 2. An Opening Paragraph That Creates Curiosity

The opening paragraph must grab the readers attention and give them a compelling reason to read right to the end. Specify the most exciting benefits of reading your article and this should be a sufficient hook to retain reader attention, and get them reading.


3. A Main Body Which Delivers The Bulk Of The Article

The body of the article should contain 3 to 5 paragraphs that reveal the core benefits or tips that you outlined in the opening paragraph.

You should concentrate on making one key point per paragraph. This makes the article more digestible, and easier for the reader to comprehend.

You need to ensure that your article is delivered in bite size chunks and use plenty of white space. Never have more than 3 or 4 lines per paragraph. Use 'bulleted' or 'numbered' lists to improve your readers reading experience.

4. A Powerful Conclusion Which Blends Into The Resource Box

Many inexperienced article marketers overlook the importance of the conclusion. It is a vital element in increasing the number of click-throughs via your resource box. A good article writer will lead the reader to 'click on' the link in their resource box by making subtle suggestions in the conclusion. This takes a little practice as an explicit mention of your site in the conclusion may get your article rejected.

An excellent tip is to imagine your conclusion as two paragraphs long. The first paragraph is your actual conclusion, while the second is your resource box.
This enables you to synthesize the continuity between your conclusion and resource box, and naturally lead the reader to clicking on the link in your resource box.

So you need to make your resource box feel more like a continuation of your conclusion, and then subtely blend your link into this paragraph as a source for a free download or even an affiliate link that will deliver further great benefits to the reader.


5. A Resource Box Which Contains A Link Or A Free Download Related To The Articles Niche

A 'Resource Box' is often referred to as a biography box and ironically the secret to writing a good resource box is to not treat it as a 'biography box'.

If you write a 'biography box' that focuses totally on you, your click-throughs will be low because honestly; your readers are not generally going to be that interested in you, they are interested in 'information' pertaining to your niche.

So, instead of saying;
"Jonny Tyson is a freelance internet marketer with 10 years online marketing experience. He has certificates in Information Technology and Business Studies, and extensive knowledge on effective article writing techniques. Visit his site ( for article writing tips."

Say the following two part conclusion (Conclusion+Resource Box);
"There are a variety of powerful article writing resources on the internet that enables article writing newbie's to write like the pros virtually straight away. These resources include writing templates, proven tried and tested principles as well as article writing software."

To your success,
Jonny T

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