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4 Elements Of An Excellent Google Adwords Quality Score

Google Adwords Quality Score Tips

If you are a regular advertiser who uses Google Adwords, you probably already are familiar with Google's Quality Score. Each and every keyword within your adwords account is assigned a quality score by Google. This score is calculated by Google to represent how relevant your keyword is to your advertisement and destination.

Perhaps nothing affects your adwords account more than your quality score. This score influences your minimum bid amount and your ad position for each keyword in your account. Because ad position and pricing are so crucial to the success or failure of your efforts, comprehending Google's quality score is a necessary task.

Google has implemented this scoring system in order to regulate the relevance of an ad to a user's search query. The idea is that searchers will be more satisfied if the advertisements they see along side their search results or page content relate closely to the topic they are interested in. This makes good sense, although it is not a perfect system, as any auto-compute ranking system is lacking "intuitive" understanding in great detail.


Important Elements Of The Google Adwords Quality Score System:

1. Keyword Relevance To The Ad Copy.

This aspect effectively forces advertisers to create closely controlled groups of keywords that are related to one another. Laziness to head this detail will only cause the minimum bids and ad positions to go in the wrong direction.


2. How The Selected Keyword Has Performed Historically On Google.

This element enforces a long-term aspect to your advertising efforts. If you don't take care to work on your ad copy for a given keyword consistently, you will very likely be looking at a higher price for your advertising well into the future. Users who have ads with a higher clickthrough rate(CTR) are rewarded, so writing relevant copy that attracts visitors is required.


3. How Your Entire Adwords Account Has Performed Historically. 

Indeed, Google takes this into consideration when assigning your ad positions and minimum bids. There is no better time than the present to work on improving your account's status in the eyes of Google: improve your performance, or pay higher advertising costs.


4. The Quality Of Your Landing Page.

The destination URL that a visitor is sent to after clicking on your ad should display a page that is closely related, in Google's eyes, to the ad's topic. Landing page relevancy is a bit more abstract than the other factors, but it can weigh heavily on your overall pay per click performance. Sending users to relevant pages on your website will only help them find what they are looking more efficiently. Hence, Google rewards you for helping their search customers.


In the end, paying strict attention to, and optimizing for, Google's quality score for each keyword in your account will result in lower minimum bids and higher ad positions. Both of these factors affect your return on investment for your advertising dollars and are therefore worth understanding intimately.

To your success,
Jonny T

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