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17 Entrepreneur Traits And Characteristics Needed For Success In Digital Marketing

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Money making internet entrepreneurs display common leadership skills. However, many network marketers believe it's primarily about their program, but it's not! It's actually more about their own personal development and skill set in several key areas.

Successful networkers have a specific focus on how to plan and operate their opportunity. The two most prominent methods in use today are: "The Old School Method"-- your family, friends, and anyone within three feet are candidates-and "Automated Internet Marketing"-using technology and software to reach people outside of your normal sphere of influence 24 hours a day. These successful marketing leaders possess key strengths, and learn to supplement their weaknesses as they realistically evaluate their progress.

Internet marketing leaders have realized as Mike Dillard states in his "Magnetic Sponsoring" material that if you position yourself as an "expert," and develop your personality into an "Alpha" leader, you will become the pursued, instead of the pursuer! That dynamic changes your business and your income dramatically.


Successful experts became independent by exhibiting these qualities:

1. They sought out a mentor, or a system, or both that would give them the specific training they needed.


2. They genuinely believe and use their vision and faith to achieve their goals


3. Their "reason and WHY" for doing their business was greater motivation than the rejection they face.


4. They received encouragement and support from their immediate family and support members.


5. They allow themselves to keep an open mind in learning new techniques & approaches or strategy's, while also being flexible, yet practical on what works best.


6. They learned to prioritize the "important tasks" from the "just looking busy" ones.


7. They understand their emotional and motivational "swings," and realize one day doesn't make or break their dreams.


8. They develop the skill to build a connection first with their prospect, gain credibility and trust, and then proceed with the sales cycle.


9. They've learned to communicate well and listen well


10. They ask questions that uncover their prospects needs, and offer a solution in the process


11. They continue to search out information and knowledge within the industry to remain current


12. They have given themselves permission to invest the time and money required to succeed


13. At some point they develop a clear plan or adapt a proven system to leverage their efforts


14. They exercise clear problem solving, analytical thinking, and organization


15. They broaden their marketing base via the internet and software tools


16. They refine their marketing efforts for a laser focus on their target market


17. They also develop clear cut goals and a timeline to achieve them

Traits and Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

These numerous qualities are rarely found when a person begins in this industry, they are learned through persistent effort and training. Developing the social skills and relevant knowledge only comes with time and practice. Leaders are noted for following up with their prospects quickly.

By seeking out and learning from those who are already achieving what you want is in itself a successful strategy, and allows you to grow into an "Expert." It's also important to understand that this is a process that has a time lag between your initial efforts and the corresponding results.


By examining your inner beliefs and your "mind set" about your value, and continuing to improve your skills needed, you will move closer to being an expert each day. Successful network marketers don't allow circumstance to deter the pursuit of their dreams, or their independence. The challenge to truly develop yourself into a successful internet marketing leader will be life changing should you decide to dedicate yourself to it. It can offer the kind of life style change many dream of, but never take action on.
One thing is certain: when you have your bills paid and money coming into your bank account, and the freedom of deciding how you spend your time, your life can begin to take the shape you want it to be; free from your job!

To your success,
Jonny T

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